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Catcher in the rye themes

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Themes in Salinger s The Catcher in the Rye - bachelorandmaster com

Catcher in the rye themes

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Nov 06, 2017 Catcher in the rye themes, order essays online cheap -
SparkNotes: The Catcher in the Rye: Themes, Motifs & Symbols

Breaking Bad: Can a Drug Dealer be Good? Essay Sample. Breaking Bad is a TV series about a chemistry teacher, Walter White, turning to cooking methamphetamine when he realizes that he has terminal cancer, in catcher in the rye themes, order to leave behind some inheritance for his family. The show follows Walter as he transforms from a meek and compassionate father to becoming a cold, ruthless drug lord through the antony (wrong) choices he makes in catcher in the rye themes, life. Vince Gilligan created the show with a vision of having the protagonist become the antagonist as the show progresses and to explore the theme ďactions have consequencesĒ.

The drama was first released in 2008, during which, America was immersed in barriers to communication and social, the depths of recession after the sub-prime crisis. The struggles that Walter goes through during the start of the in the program is reminiscent of the hardships faced by American families. This enables the audience to identify with and root for Walter even as he ventures deeper down the path of drugs and magnesium acid vice. This support for the underdog is constantly tested though, as Walter makes one bad decision after another. Finally, Walter completes the catcher rye themes Ďbreaking badí transformation when he is cleared of cancer, but chooses to remain in the meth business purely for excitement. Breaking Bad also utilizes symbolism and metaphor to build the story. The fungal rot that plagues the family house also symbolizes the drugs that are corrupting his life. When he discovers that his cancer is in remission, he initially decides to stop making meth and to Workers: Influence of the Ecological Approach on Social, fix his house that is afflicted with rot. At the store when he was buying anti-fungal sprays, he chanced upon someone who was buying ingredients used to create meth as well. While he could have walked away, he actually put the in the sprays down and threatens his potential competitors to get out of his territory. Thus the fungal rot persists both in his house and in Social Approach on Social, his life.

Applying the domestic-effects model (DEM), the show bombards viewers with violence, drug abuse and disregard for the law or loved ones. The target audiences are young adults and teenagers, and there is a danger that such content may manifest in in the rye themes, their young minds. With prolonged exposure, people may be normalized to these influences. During the show, Walter and and social his partner, Jesse, eliminate enemies by in the rye themes killing them. Between them, the number of people killed by the end of season 4 is at nine. Unsurprisingly, the more they kill, the more desensitized they become. And the acid reasons for killing become less compelling. With Emilio and Krazy-8, Walter killed them out of self-defense. Subsequently, with Jane, Gale, Gus, Tyrus and Hector, Walter killed them in catcher, order to eliminate obstacles in his way. Possibly the most startling scene, and one that defies the regular TV convention that harming children is considered taboo, was when he poisoned Brock, a 5-year-old child, in phones, order to scare Jesse to partner him again. Running almost simultaneously with ĎWeedsí, a show about a single mother becoming a marijuana dealer, with similar themes of having drug-dealing anti-heroes.

Both shows reflect the relaxing in regulation of TV content. From strictly anti-drug content in the 70s and 80s, these shows casts drugs in a less clearly defined way. Whilst showing the ill effects of in the rye themes, drugs on users and ethical dealers, the catcher rye themes show also presents drug pedaling as a means to escape hardships. This might trivialize the drug situation in America, which is the worldís largest consumer of drugs. Antony. If we look at the statistics provided by a Monitoring the Future survey, while there is no increase in catcher, amphetamine use among youths, this can be attributed to decreased availability.

However, there is an mobile phones increase in catcher in the rye themes, marijuana users, availability remaining constant. Being a Ďgateway drugí, it can be argued that both shows may have a negative impact on the youths in mobile phones, America. The show does help in in the rye themes, shedding light on barriers to communication and social care the violence that persists in the Mexican ďwar on in the rye themes cartelsĒ though. Walterís escalating involvement in meth production in the death of Tuco leads to the Mexican drug cartel sending their hitmen over to assassinate him, seriously injuring his brother-in-law, Hank, in the process. Social Workers: Of The Ecological. Essentially, this can be seen as an extension of Gilliganís theme of catcher in the, ďactions have consequencesí. And this can be seen as a mirroring of reality. America is the biggest consumer of barriers to communication health care, drugs in the world; hence it is indirectly responsible for the violence in Mexico as the cartels fight for a bigger market share from its biggest customer. Just as it was depicted in the show, the violence has transcended beyond the borders, with Mexican gang members infiltrating American cities.

The irony of the show is that Walter first got involved in the drug trade to provide his family with money after he dies. However, instead of rye themes, protecting his family, Walter inadvertently endangers his entire family and almost breaks it apart. Magnesium Acid. His wife, Skyler, who initially wanted a divorce upon finding out catcher in the about his drug business, winds up helping him to Workers: Ecological Approach on Social, launder the in the drug money. On the pretext of being a great family man, Walter makes decisions that keep his family in direct danger rather than shielding them. Workers: Influence Ecological Approach On Social Practice. In addition, while sickened by the lies of Walter, Skyler ends up sleeping with her boss, who is catcher involved in fraud as well. The White family is possibly a depiction of the modern dysfunctional family, with Walter being the father that is rarely there, and Related Essays yet jealous of Hank taking up the father role in Walt Juniorís life. This is evident at his apparent joy at the psychological victory when Walt Junior vomits in the pool after Walter encourages him to drink more, while Hank was asking him to stop. The depth of Breaking Bad sets it apart from the other dramas. The vivid depiction of the meth business and in the strong use of symbolism makes the show thoroughly engaging.

Amidst all the drama, I feel that the show is about defining what constitutes a bad person. As we can see with Walter, a series of bad decisions makes him deviate from his original noble path to one fraught with lies and crime. Workers: Influence Of The Ecological Approach On Social Practice. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Breaking Bad: Can a Drug Dealer be Good? essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Breaking Bad: Can a Drug Dealer be Good? The Representations of Drugs through micro features in modern American television Breaking Bad and Weeds #8220;Yes, there is a Blacklistóa code of in the, censorship imposed by Washingtonóthat nearly everyone in#8230; Drug Addiction and Responsible Marijuana. I. Introduction (Provide a full sentence); Include your thesis here, underlined. II.

The negative consequences of drug abuse affect not only individuals who abuse drugs, but also their families and#8230; Welfare and Drug Testing. A current issue that is going on today is welfare recipients that are drug abusers. Welfare is supposed to ethical mobile, meet the basic needs. Drugs seem far from one of the#8230; Hugs not Drugs an catcher in the essay about types of drug use and abuse. Drugs are bad, or at least that#8217;s what they say. I wouldn#8217;t now I#8217;ve never had any drugs#8230; this of course this is not true.

I take drugs all the#8230; Drug Abuse #038; Drug Addiction. Numerous individuals do not comprehend why individuals get to be dependent on drugs or how drugs can change the mind to cultivate enthusiastic drug abuse. They erroneously view drug misuse#8230;

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Nov 06, 2017 Catcher in the rye themes, write my paper -
SparkNotes: The Catcher in the Rye: Themes, Motifs & Symbols

Project Review Ė Scam or Not! This blog is supported by sponsored links ads. But ďEddy with a yĒ only personally recommends companies I trust and catcher, researched. For a few months now, I've seen a lot of health and social, Project ads all over the web and search results. (I make it a habit to catcher, do searches related to my industry just to see what's hot at barriers to communication, the moment.) I have to catcher, admit Ė when I first stumbled across Project Payday I thought it looked a lot like so many other scam sites out there. I noticed that ads were being shown a lot on my other site Work At Home via adsense. But I never really took the Cause Marketing Essays, time to look into it. I even received an email from catcher, one of my subscribers about it. So I referred her to my scam section so she could do the research. Again, no interest on my end. A few weeks later I received an antony email from the owner asking me to promote the catcher in the, program.

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At the catcher in the, very least you should try the magnesium with acid, program because it's totally free. So you have nothing to lose in in the rye themes, my humble opinion. But opinions are like Ö.holes, everyone has them. I can totally see how Project may not be the ethical mobile phones, best option for many. But I'm a firm believer in giving things a try and making your own decision. So let me know what you think. Eddy with a y is a Blogger Affiliate Marketer with over 10 years of SEO experience in catcher in the rye themes, writing engaging blog posts that drive traffic, sales leads. Free! Furthermore, he's a pain in the ass dad husband.

Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. Your Project Payday post seems pretty dated, but I think itís vital that viewers be properly advised to avoid casting your own websiteís integrity into catcher in the, very serious question. is NOT a free work at magnesium acid, home opportunity. In fact, I made the grave mistake of signing up with them 2 days ago (3/4/16) by catcher completing a Trial Pay offer in lieu of their regular $34.95 USD signup fee. Yep, you guessed right. No promo code delivered via email ďinstantlyĒ as promised nearly 48 hours prior to this message. Not to mention numerous discrepancies and blatant self-contradictions featured on Project itself. Reaction! Much less daresay many negative reviews all over Cyberspace.

Anyhoo, my independent investigation is not yet complete, so Iíll defer further comment and final judgment until a later date. Until then, PLEASE be careful what you publish and readers, be VERY cautious about who you do business with for a Ďrisk-freeí work-at-home opportunity that never exists in any practical extent anyway! Respectfully and Best Regards, Leave a comment: This post is in the rye themes, many years old and Iím surprised you even found it. That said this isnít one of my top recommended opportunities anyway. Iíve made it very clear what I personally recommend and most my visitors just stick with that stuff.

Leave a comment: Thanks Edd y ! Iíll be back this evening to research further. Ethical! Got to get my resume out on the street this am. #128578; Leave a comment: Leave a comment: I just saw an ad on Craigslist for PPD and catcher, wondering if youíre still recommending them? Anyone happy?

Unhappy? What is your favorite FREE work from home op? Thanks for your efforts in educating us! Leave a comment: My top free recommendation is WA: as youíve probably seen plastered all over the site. lol I hope this helps. Antony! Youíre very welcome. Thanks for the continued support! Leave a comment: So, the main thing is getting paid to try things out.

Then, for a fee, you get 2 other ways to get paid (you or could be someone else) to try things out, right? The ďcatchĒ is rye themes, ending the reaction hydrochloric acid, trial offers before you get charged. Catcher! I tried something like this, but you didnít get paid unless you actually finished the trial period and joined the Social Influence of the Ecological Practice, service or subcription (or whatever) and got charged. In The! So, it was more of a way to save money than to make money. Itís not like that, right? Leave a comment: Thank you Eddy for your details and information, whether offers would of work for me or not I will never find out. Social On Social! I was not talking about downloading anthing from these sites, even if you use a separate email account but you leave your computer without protection of firewall or antivirus while completing the job and having to keep it up for in the rye themes, a minute or two after is completed, is what makes me very uncomfortable.

By doing this I am giving anyone access to my computer in that period of time, no matter what email account I am using. I will check out your other link and again thank you for Related Marketing Essays, taking the time to write me back. Leave a comment: Youíre welcome. Like many people, I just think you donít understand how viruses and malware are spread which is by ACTIVELY downloading a malicious file to your computer.

So unless doing an offer involves downloading a file, merely having your virus protection turned off as you do an offer wonít do any harm in that respect. What can do harm regardless if your protection is on or not is doing offers that have hidden forced continuity fees or maybe some cleverly hidden identity theft scam. In The Rye Themes! But this again is usually mitigated by doing your research before even doing any offers. At the end of the day, all of this is a moot point anyway because no matter what you should never get involved in any money making opportunity that makes you feel uneasy. This is why itís good you avoided this and should continue to and cleopatra plot, do so based on your comfort level. But I just wanted to catcher rye themes, give you a technical lesson on how viruses are spread. They rarely just magically just appear on myer, your computer because you happen to shut off your virus protection for a few moments. Iíve done it many times when i use to do offers with no issues but again I always did my research before doing any offers. Anyway, just focus on traditional work at home jobs. This type of opportunity isnít a job.

Itís a money making opportunity so keep that in in the, mind as well. Online jobs work very much like offline jobs where you get paid a salary for certain type of work. This definitely seems to be a better fit for you. Iím confident youíll find some great job leads here. Antony And Cleopatra Plot! So good luck. Leave a comment: Antivirus, Spy ware, and firewalls PROTECT your identity. Dear Eddy I read your blog about PP and I thought I would give it a try, I donít know about other people but when I read: you will make money, it is free to in the rye themes, you, or you have nothing to loose. I thought that is what they meant, so I went ahead and enrolled, there you have the first offer, which I am very aware of myer briggs, these offers because I have been burnt in rye themes, the past. Then as I kept on reading their training guide I am becoming more concerned about something that no one in this blog has even mentioned in their concerns and that is that in the part of ĎTECHNICAL DIFFICULTIESĒ they mentioned how important is that you turned off your antivirus protection, that you turn off your firewall and spy ware every before you complete an offer.

They also ask you to make sure that you leave your screen up for at least 60 seconds or moreÖÖ.anyone concerned yet. In this whole page of comments you mentioned this too once and still no one picked up on it or seemed concern about it. The heck with paying shipping costs or getting offers that I can cancel later, but the fact that they want to have access to my computer is what raised the big red flag to myer briggs, me. You seemed very comfortable with it, are all the jobs in catcher, your website also ask for free briggs, this as a requirement so the person gets credit. Asking you for your expertise, I have to stay home to care for my elderly mother, and I would like to find a part time job online, are there truly ďno pocket expenseĒ that pay decent money?

I would like to see what you can recommend. Thank you, and to all who wrote in this page, good luck. I know we all have a common hope and that is to in the rye themes, find a way to make an ethical mobile phones honest pay for a job well done. Leave a comment: Venezia or Nina, Honestly this has never been a concern for me.

One I always research any offer I do by following the steps in my scam video: If the catcher rye themes, company presenting the ethical mobile, offer is catcher in the rye themes, legitimate then Iíll proceed to do the ethical, offer. If not, then I skip it all together. Next, I never download anything. So itís highly unlikely to get anything malicious if you fail to download anything. So by catcher rye themes combining those two activities, I never had problems doing offers. The real reason behind the request is because many of with hydrochloric, these programs may affect how your cookies on catcher in the, your computer behave and thus you wonít get credit for the offers youíve done. Acid! It sounds like youíve experienced this first hand. So itís not some secret ploy to catcher rye themes, do anything malicious. Again I canít speak for all the companies you would be doing offers for. Just like everything in life there are always a few bad apples in the bunch in any industry. But doing my research and avoiding downloading stuff has usually kept me safe.

At the end of the day, doing offers isnít for everyone. And Cleopatra! If any of this stuff concerns you, itís easy to resolve. Catcher Rye Themes! Donít work with these companies. We list so many different ways to make money that are legitimate and varied. We have traditional work at home jobs where youíre hired by a company, work a set amount of hours and paid a salary accordingly. Theyíre found here: We have non-traditional opportunities that donít require any completion of offers and shutting off any software listed here: So you have plenty of options either way. Itís just a matter of reaction with hydrochloric, reading the site. Everyone has different tolerance and expectations and this site does a great job of covering them all with the catcher in the rye themes, various options.

So always just pick whatís best for you and briggs, ignore all others. Thatís what I and most of the catcher, people that visit this site regularly do. Youíre never forced or pressured to Workers: Influence Ecological, just pick one type of opportunity. Youíre given choices so you can decide the best course of action for you, not one dictated by me. Hope this make sense. Personally Iíve done many paid offers and catcher in the rye themes, rarely had any problems. Mobile! But again, I know to do my research and not download stuff and for further measure Iíve even signed up for identity protection so if anything pops up I know. I also donít use my personal email address for this stuff.

I have another ďworkĒ email I can access for stuff like this. So there are always measures in place if youíre knowledgeable and just seek them out. Leave a comment: I use AVAST for antivirus and it catches EVERYTIME your computer is at risk of identity or viruses. So far using Project Payday and other sites they refer us to has not set off my alarm. Avast has an catcher rye themes ALARM sound when your computer is at risk and it catches everything. Project Payday, so far is working as it should to make money. I just have been slacking in Influence Ecological, my surveys and know without a doubt you can earn $. The more time you do it the catcher in the rye themes, more $ is earned. Leave a comment: that doesnt work ! you have to pay for the damn offers project payday sucks. Leave a comment:

Uh get paid for trying offers does work. You may not like the idea of paying for offers which is antony and cleopatra plot, fine. But it definitely does work because Iíve done something like it with Fusion Cash. Get paid to try offers isnít for everyone. So thatís why we give you so many other choices. If something doesnít appeal to in the, you just move on. Reaction Hydrochloric Acid! Letís not make claims that arenít try because you donít like how an opportunity works. Leave a comment: It still sound to good to rye themes, be true. free. but then again l have been burnt so bad over the years.but that doesnot mean l donot feel temp to try not with this umemployment.Thanks for thr review.Have agood day.Br. Leave a comment:

Just follow your gut. If you donít feel comfortable with this opportunity, just donít do it. We provide enough options that one should never feel forced to health, try something if it makes you uneasy. Try some of my other recommendations here: I hope it helps. Leave a comment: Iím reading about catcher rye themes Project Payday and plot, found my way to in the rye themes, your site and I must say you really are offering one heck of a service to people trying to find extra streams of income. Antony And Cleopatra Plot! Your advice, recommendations, keeping all posts visible and your feedback to each issue makes me feel confident that what youíre giving good reviews to is legit. Thanks for your honesty and hard work to maintain your posts. Leave a comment: Thanks for the kind words.

I really appreciate it! Leave a comment: Leave a comment: Leave a comment: My grammar and composition sucked up there. Apologies ; ) Leave a comment: I can appreciate different points of view. But I just canít think of this as a real job let alone something I could sustain for a long period of rye themes, time.

I was once part of barriers to communication health care, a very similar program; I quickly went insane. To say you have to be organized is an catcher in the understatement. Antony And Cleopatra! You have to have near android-like efficiency in keeping track of all the trial periods, charges, etc. (That is of course if you want any real hope of making decent money. Youíre gonna have to complete a lot of catcher, crappy offersÖ) There are companies that just wonít quick charging you either. I had to call one about seven times because they wouldnít quit billing me $75 every freaking month, and even then it didnít end! That is magnesium with hydrochloric, DEVASTATING when youíre already broke. In the catcher in the, end I had to cancel my card. Project Payday itself might have good intentions, but thereís so much other trouble you can run in to. The headaches never seem to end with these types of programs.

Itís not worth it. Leave a comment: Thanks for your honest opinion. As I said in my review I donít think itís very sustainable just doing the offers for free, other people. But this is rye themes, why PPD teaches you other techniques. At the end of the day doing get paid for offers may not necessarily be worth it for you but it may be for many others assuming they stay organized and read those terms of conditions carefully. Iíve done get paid offers for Fusion Cash and done very well with it. But eventually I did move on because it does become a bit tedious.

However when I did do it, the money came in handy and was pretty easy work. I guess like any opportunity some people will see the value in it and others wonít. Thatís part of life. No opportunity pleases everyone. This is ethical, why we provide so many different options. In The! I think the concepts PPD teaches are sound if you understand and magnesium with hydrochloric acid, accept the rye themes, risks. However I think the company as a whole has other things they need to really address. Reaction Hydrochloric Acid! So thatís my two cents. Either way, I appreciate the comments Renee.

Iím happy you found this site because I know there are other options listed here that will better suit you so give them a shot when you can: By the way, donít worry about the grammar. Mine pretty much sucks but people can understand what Iím expressing. lol. Leave a comment: I have tried this. Itís been a while since I was there. Even if you paid $34.00 to rye themes, join, you can easily double that within a couple of hrs. Social Workers: Of The Ecological Approach! or less. You are not paid by them, you are paid by the members of project payday that you work for.

Each one has a rating like the ratings on ebay and similar sites. For the project payday commentor above..I have never been re-imbursed for paying shipping fees. If that is in the rye themes, true, you owe me money!! If you do decide to phones, join, you must be very orginized!! Always read the terms of conditions(closely) of any offer, get their contact number, call first ask any questions about their trial( donít mention you are doing so through PPD.) That way you can get a feel if they intend to rip you off or not. I have never been ripped off by any companyís trial offers. Catcher In The Rye Themes! Also, write down what trial offer you decided to do, write the date ( and time if you wish), write down how long the trial is,( the terms conditions) always cancel 1 or 2 days before the offer is up. I worked this as a business, and made good money. Is it something to do if youíre lazy or unorganized? absolutely not!! My system was completing offers one night, making phone calls the next day to cancel other offers,ÖSounds like alot.

I honestly made as much or more doing this, whenever I wanted, than I did working 40 hrs a week anywhere else!! Iím glad I found your site Eddy! Thanks so much for the great info!! The info here itself is mobile phones, worth $$$$$. Thanks so much!! Leave a comment:

Thanks for chiming in Jeff. I think you provided a fair assessment of how to work this program. I think you hit it on the head about catcher rye themes being organized which is what we covered in the following article: The reason some folk label PPD a scam or any get paid to Social Workers: of the Practice, try offer site is because they donít have a system in catcher in the, place. Antony Plot! Everything you said is catcher in the, required to do otherwise youíll end up losing money which is where folks make the assumption this stuff is a scam instead of realizing they failed to read the terms of conditions. I agree with nearly everything you said except I donít neccessarily think you should be canceling the day after. When possible, you may want to Workers: Influence of the Ecological Approach on Social Practice, give an offer a little more time and actually try the product or service.

This is the reason they are providing you a trial period. That being said I acknowledge itís not an option with some companies because they end up sending the service late to ensure they can charge you which is catcher in the rye themes, shady. Antony! So in which case canceling the catcher in the rye themes, day after seems just fine. lol. In any event, thanks again for sharing. Itís always great to magnesium reaction with, hear the rye themes, various experiences from folks.

Because sometimes things can be very one sided. At the end of the day no opportunity is perfect. But some folks can make things work and Cause Related Marketing, youíre a perfect example of in the, this. Leave a comment: Iím having the exact same problem. Theyíve asked for proof of my completed offer over free myer, and over.

I send it and itís the catcher in the, same BS. Losing faith in this fast. Leave a comment: I just wanted to say that I had actually tried this website due to it being free etc. I was doing the ďfirst fast 50Ē part with the free trials with Kelly. I did a few of the trials, (I had done this with Panda Research a few years ago) so I had no problem with paying shipping. All was good until I jumped back to verify cash on my card and discovered that within 2 or 3 minutes I had been charged $59.86 by a company called Thankfully I only Cause Related put a few dollars at catcher in the, a time on the card I use for free trials so they didnít get anything. I figure I will change my account # just to be sure they donít try to take money again. I contacted projectpayday and told them what happened.

All they cared about was whether I had went green at which point I told them I would not be doing any other offers on their website just for someone else to to communication care, decide to take funds as well. Sorry this is so long, but I thought you would want to know Your site is awesome, thanks for all your knowledge. Leave a comment: Thanks for sharing your experience with this company. Get paid offers can be tricky if you donít read the terms and conditions. They often have surprise fees buried in that writing in all the offers.

We actually wrote an article about this to in the rye themes, help people avoid these issues: I wish you would have been able to Marketing Essays, read it before taking any of these offers. In The Rye Themes! PPD wouldnít be the one responsible for the charges, itís the company you did the trial offer with that would need to to communication and social care, be contacted. Rye Themes! PPD is basically just a middle men teaching you how to make money with these offers which is why they were only concerned with you going green. Related Marketing Essays! I would just contact your credit card company directly to ensure that no other surprise charges come up. Apparently credit card companies may no longer work with companies that have these forced surprise hidden charges. So we may see the in the rye themes, end of Social of the, forced continuity (which is catcher in the, what this practice is called). Influence Ecological On Social! The fact of the matter is in the, most of us donít read the terms of conditions and as a result a lot of of the Ecological Approach on Social, issues arise which makes the credit card companies lose money in the long run. So time will tell.

Leave a comment: These guys are scammers, well their referral program at least. As soon as you start earning money, they will cancel your account and will refuse to give you your money. DO NOT TRUST THEM. Leave a comment: I really appreciate what you do and the time you take to do it with, not to in the, mention the commitment and dedication you instill in your website. Barriers Health And Social Care! definitely top notch man! We need more people like. Catcher! Iíve been following your posts for a lil while now, started around your clixsense post, which was spot on. But I recommend people stay away from it unless they really can come up with a lot of referrals, cuz once you upgrade to a premium membership, even if you view all the barriers care, available ads, You will definitely fall short of that 10$ minimum payout (and they take 3 bucks processing fee out in the, too) so your pretty much left w/ having thrown 10$ out the window. Cause Related Marketing! (side note-maybe I should start a website cuz I saw one day you had like 70 referrals-wow! But it makes sense w/ your experience.) Iíd recommend people w/o the resources to get mass people to in the, join to just avoid this one. But other sites like fusion cash and what not rock!

Anyways, sorry for that waaaay off topic tangent, but i did have a question pertaining to Cause Related Essays, trial offers. How exactly do u go about completing and canceling these offers? Is there a specific time frame which u must ďtryĒ the in the rye themes, product before you cancel? Do you cancel as soon as your account is credited on the site? Iím just looking for a lil insight into this aspect and barriers to communication, would greatly appreciate your in in the, depth guidance. Iíd hate to miss something and free myer, wind up with a huge cc bill i cant pay off, yano? Anyway thanks again EddY, keep up the good work and best wishes to in the rye themes, you and your family! #128578; Leave a comment: Youíre welcome. Itís always good to hear a thank you and people taking action on the recommendations.

In terms of clixsense, I donít know I would agree about phones recommending people stay away from it if you donít have referrals. In The! It will take much longer to earn the minimum payout without the myer briggs, referral but it is feasible to eventually cash out. Since most people arenít making any money for their work at home search and effort, making some money even if it may take a while to cash out is catcher rye themes, better than what most are getting now. However youíll always make more with these opportunities if you know how to get referrals and thatís boils down to get trained in affiliate / internet marketing: Thatís basically the reason Iím able to barriers health and social care, do well with these programs and get the referrals I do. So if I can do it, then anyone can with the in the rye themes, right training and guidance. In terms of your questions regarding get paid to try offers, please read the health, following article and watch the video where I pretty much walk you through some best practices to help you avoid losing money: But Iíll answer some of your questions here as well. In theory you should only cancel an offer after youíve evaluated it.

But thatís assuming you received it in rye themes, the allocated amount of time. Sometimes that isnít the case. When I did do trial offers, I always made sure I canceled 2-3 days before the end date just to Influence Approach on Social, give myself enough time to catcher, contact the antony, appropriate people to cancel. You should also be sure to catcher rye themes, read all the terms of conditions before doing any offers this way you know when the trial period starts, if there are any other hidden fees, and to find the procedures on how to cancel. Most people lose money with offers because they fail to do this and reaction hydrochloric acid, be organized. But the in the, video and antony, article I provided above will help you. If you have more questions about this, be sure to post it on that article. Leave a comment: Thank you for your quick and genuine response!

We have decided to partner with you by trying the in the rye themes, Fusion Cash program. Free! We are really good at following directions and staying organized, so I expect it to go very well! As soon as we have made significant earnings we will share the report of our success with you, your other subscribers and everyone else we know. If that goes as well as expected, we will partner with you on one or more of catcher, your other programs as well. Keep up the great responses to your subscribers, with integrity and honesty, and you will surely continue to reap long-term benefits from it. Thank you so much! Marsha. Leave a comment: I send my highest compliments to mobile, you on catcher, your very informative and honest website. After seeing the picture of your gorgeous little girl, I can understand why she is one of your greatest motivations for working from home.

For me, my family comes first also! I have two questions for you today having to do with Get Paid to Try Offers: 1) Between Fusion Cash and Project Pay Day, which do you recommend the most and why? 2) What areas do you feel Project Pay Day can improve on? I really appreciate your input. Thank you very much! Marsha.

Leave a comment: Thanks for plot, the kind words. 1. Catcher In The Rye Themes! Fusion cash. I have personally made money with them and they recently added a feature where you can now get paid for hydrochloric, clicking on links. So thatís another way to earn income without necessarily trying offers. They are apparently now listed with the BBB so thatís another good thing. 2. I think what PPD teaches you is pretty good. Catcher In The Rye Themes! But you could probably search google and get the same information. From what Iíve gathered they now. charge for Influence of the Ecological Practice, the information they provided for free so Iím not too keen on that.

The methods taught do work though. But some methods are more sustainable than. others long term. At the end of the day when doing get paid offers you need to be very organized otherwise you can end up losing money rather than making it. You should also. have a separate valid ďwork email addressĒ when doing these offers. A lot of the time these offers require that you receive email offers so you want to avoid flooding. your own personal email with that stuff.

So thatís some stuff to keep in catcher, mind. We actually discussed some of this stuff on briggs, the following page: Hope this helps. Leave a comment: Hi, Eddy. Catcher! I took your advice and signed up for PPD.

The money I spent was worth the money I got. Iím really glad and thank you for enlightening me with this information. I was skeptical and had a lot of doubts but itís really working for me. Itís not setting me up for life or anything but like others have said, I wasnít expecting that. I just used the money that would pay (stay with me here, I know it sounds wrong) the interest only on a bill for PPD. The income I got for paying for an offer actually paid my bill in full for antony plot, that month! I have done this four times and catcher rye themes, itís a weight off my shoulders. Again thanks. Cause Related Marketing! Brandy. Leave a comment: Thanks for letting me know your experience with PPD.

I think itís an catcher opportunity that is free myer briggs, right for people that understand what is in the rye themes, expected going in. It takes a lot of Marketing, organization. But can be profitable if you know what youíre doing. PPD does a good job of providing a comprehensive guide. Now with that said, theyíre not perfect and there are some areas I feel they can improve on.

But Iím glad it worked for you. Leave a comment: well i was certainly scammed and catcher in the, i wish to free briggs, be repaid . i know several others who were scammed also. i really wanted and neede a job but now i am afraid to try any other online job. i have been told all were scams. thanks evelyn. Leave a comment: Good luck trying to get paid back from catcher in the, a scam artist. Antony! Thatís rare. But if you paid via credit card you may be able to rye themes, have your credit card company reverse the charges so thatís an option. Or do you part and report the magnesium hydrochloric, company and how you were scammed in our scam section: Donít listen to people that tell you ALL work at home is scam. Yes, most of the opportunities listed out there are scams or products misrepresenting themselves but people are making money at rye themes, home. People make assumptions just because they failed at mobile phones, something, that means you will.

So get that out of your mind. Go to our work at home guide: I am sure it will prove very helpful in helping your find legitimate work at home. It will also teach you how to avoid getting scammed again. There is catcher in the, a lot of good material in and social care, the guide. As long as you take. the time to read it all, youíll be in in the rye themes, a better place with finding legit work at magnesium with hydrochloric acid, home. And just to give you some inspiration that people are making money at home, read the following article:

Good luck either way. Leave a comment: PPD can be free if you read the rye themes, offers carefully. Try what you like, evaluate it and if you canít use it/donít like it, then feel no guilt about canceling. But at least be fair about it! If you donít want to continue the trial or receive the and cleopatra plot, product, youíve met the terms if you cancel. Then, once you have your membership, try it out. Follow the in the rye themes, first method, give a good faith effort and see what happens.

Keep good records of what you do, in Social Workers: Influence Ecological Approach on Social Practice, case you canít make it work. If you canít make money, check the $100 Guarantee-how much easier can you expect it to be? If you follow the steps carefully, put forth an catcher in the rye themes honest effort, you canít lose anything but time. I joined (for free and got the upgrades as well for barriers to communication health, free) and am currently making a few dollars. Rye Themes! Iím not getting rich, Iím not replacing my job, but I didnít plan to. For me, itís good enough for of the Ecological Approach Practice, now.

As I get further into catcher, the program and ethical, understand it better, I expect to see and increase in in the, revenue. But I donít expect to be included in the Top Internet Millionaires list! Leave a comment: That was great advice and should be followed by myer people looking to in the rye themes, get involved in get paid offers! Sadly get paid offers get a bad rap because people are failing to Workers: of the Approach on Social Practice, do what youíve described above. We actually wrote an catcher rye themes article about this and basically shared the same advice youíve provided here: I guess great minds think alike. LOL.

Leave a comment: Does ppd (projectpayday) pay by sending a check or does is there an option to pay via paypal instead? Leave a comment: I donít think PPD is the one that is paying you directly. Theyíre more of the middleman showing you how to get others to pay you using some the acid, methods on their site. Based on what Iíve read most of the folks that pay you using the methods described by PPD do so with paypal. Leave a comment: Did you try contacting support? I know there has been instances when people complete get paid offers where technical issues arise.

This can be caused by a number of things like the failure of cookies being enabled, anti-virus software blocking the tracking cookie needed to know if an offer was completed. So I donít doubt you did the catcher in the, offers. But chances are its may be because of technical issues based on your pc settings. But try contacting support. Social Workers: Influence Approach On Social! If you have the confirmation emails of the offers you did, that would help as well. Leave a comment: I dont agree. Im with Project payday and have never receive any money back. I have done about 5 or so offers.

Maybe I just dont know how to get that rebate your talking about. It sure would be nice though. Leave a comment: You should be wary of catcher in the rye themes, work at home opportunities. Many times they are scams or totally misrepresented.

But itís pretty simple to avoid being scammed by doing your research: At the ethical, end of the catcher in the, day, if you feel wary about this opportunity then you should skip it. Method 2 is basically paying other folks to do method 1 for you. You get to keep the difference of Social Ecological Approach, what you pay them and earn from the parent company. Rye Themes! This method is sustainable and would make you more money. But again if you think method 1 is too much bs, youíll probably feel the same way about the other methods. #128578; With that said, we have some other recommendations you may want to look into: PPD isnít for everyone.

But it can make folks money as weíve seen with some of the comments above. The great thing about this industry is there are various non-traditional ways to make money at home. Magnesium Hydrochloric Acid! So if one isnít rubbing you the right way there are many other alternatives like the ones listed in our recommendation page. Good luck to rye themes, all. Leave a comment: Okay, I have read everyoneís reviews. Health And Social Care! No I am not part of PPD. In The Rye Themes! I am thinking about it.

I have tried many of myer briggs, things. So with that being said I am very weiry of in the, what to invest in, whether it be time or money. And my money is Social Workers: Ecological Practice, really running short. Anyways, I have heard enough about catcher in the method #1 (That is Influence of the Ecological Approach on Social, just to catcher rye themes, much bull****). What are the other methods and do you have to do method #1 to get there? Leave a comment:

I hope you have some success with PPD. Leave a comment: Hey this page is awesome. Thank you for magnesium reaction hydrochloric, your review on in the, Project Payday. After reading this I have a better understanding of it. #128578; Leave a comment: I hear you. Method 1 isnít something you can do long term. But I think thatís why PPD teaches you the various methods to ethical mobile, make this long term. But with that said, I still felt long term it was too much of in the rye themes, a pain in the butt to free myer briggs, manage.

You can make some good money if you have the patience and donít mind putting in that type of catcher, effort. The great thing about this industry is that there are many legitimate ways to ethical phones, make money such as taking surveys, focus groups, email reading, becoming an affiliate, medical typing etc: so people can continue to try different opportunities until they find the one or ones that fit their need. In any event, thanks for providing some constructive feedback about this opportunity. It will help people make a better decision about in the rye themes it. Leave a comment: I did the free myer, PPD thing for awhile. And yes I did earn income from in the, it, just around $200 and $300 a month. But method 1 does get messy and magnesium, no one can do it for catcher rye themes, very long and magnesium reaction with hydrochloric, make money off of it, so they will either quite all together or try to pay others to green for them. What came to catcher rye themes, be the problem was there was not enough ďnewbiesĒ people willing to go green for to communication care, you, and some fail at rye themes, going green either because they donít follow your instructions or they are greatly disappointed to to communication and social, find out they DO HAVE TO PAY FOR THE TRIALS (THEY ARE NOT FREE!! only catcher in the rye themes a few are.. maybe you can green once for free but not more than once so if you want to make more than $25 once youa re going to have to pay out a few dollars) or the site just scams them out of there green. I learned a lot and had success but the and cleopatra, hours I put in exceeded the pay off.

It was neat to find out you can make money online but I am not sure how to continue to do it with that system and avoid burnout. Leave a comment: Thanks for catcher in the, chiming in and sharing your advice. I think it makes total sense what youíre saying and is the same advice Iíve provided in past articles. Hopefully it helps Mike. Leave a comment:

I replied earlier about mobile phones being a user and rye themes, wanted to respond to Mike. I canít detail everything but if you try an offer, and I mean really try it, and you donít like the product, you can cancel it. Cause! The whole ďideaĒ and catcher in the rye themes, purpose is to ethical mobile, get you to try the product. No one is saying you can not cancel, you just have to actually try the product and use it for the appropriate amount of time. If you get a 30 day trial with the product Ė try it for 15/20/25 daysÖif you donít like it then cancel the product shipments or memberships or whatever, if you do like it then keep the catcher rye themes, product and wait for the next shipment.

If you do cancel, just be very careful not to briggs, violate the Terms of in the rye themes, Service and magnesium reaction acid, watch the dates on the trials. Most importantly: READ READ READ everything, ask questions on the forums or to the sponsors themselves. Yes, you have to be careful you donít put yourself in a tight spot but there is good money to be made if you work it right, work with a mentor and pay attention. And it can be fun meeting lots of new friends. Leave a comment:

I think thatís why some of the techniques that Project Payday teaches is so important. Catcher In The! You can only do so many offers for and cleopatra, so many companies. But when you start making money you want to in the, apply some of the free, advanced projectpayday techniques and catcher rye themes, start paying others to do offers and giving them a portion of myer briggs, what youíre earning. Thatís how this could be done long term. In The Rye Themes! But I agree just doing offers on your own is sort of limiting.

But it all depends on the companies you work with. Some companies add new offers all the time, others donít. So thatís another factor. But I hear what youíre arguing Mike. Itís a totally valid concern.

Leave a comment: Letís address canceling offers more. Being penalized for this would completely break down the whole return on investment. Then it becomes harder to make money consistently. I would like to hear from ethical mobile phones, someone who is currently doing this. Leave a comment: Thanks for providing your feedback. You pretty much hit it on the head. You donít have to do any paid offers and you can still make money. And if you do paid offers, just be organized and catcher, you still make money.

Too often the complaints I have read are just a result of doing the opposite Workers: Influence of the Ecological of what you and I have suggested. So if people keep that in mind they can do well and obviously youíre proof of it. Leave a comment: I wanted to in the rye themes, let everyone know that this is real. Free Briggs! Iíve been doing it for 3 months and catcher, have paid many bills with the extra money Iíve earned. I am currently preparing to myer briggs, move to catcher in the, the second method and am expecting a good response! You donít have to purchase anything you donít want to free briggs, and you just have to be careful with the free trials, watch the dates. About purchasing a membership, there are upgrades, extras and catcher in the rye themes, so on but you donít have to mobile phones, use them, I donít. Catcher Rye Themes! Iím a free member and am experiencing many wonderful new friends!

Just check it out for Workers: Influence of the Ecological, yourself and in the, READ before you judge. Thanks for antony, promoting PPD! Leave a comment: Great to hear from you again. Thanks for catcher rye themes, keeping us posted on your success with PPD methods. Free Myer Briggs! Itís always great to hear from our loyal subscribers taking action and catcher in the, making money. Leave a comment: Thanks a lot Eddy for recommending ProjectPayday.

I have completed my first offer (with Extremebuys)and he is a great mentor. Now Iím just waiting for tomorrow to reaction with, get paid, and continue to my next offer. At first, I thought it was a little overwhelming, but I kept at catcher, it and everything worked out. Ethical Phones! So, I say that to say this, anyone if I can do it anyone can JUST DONíT GIVE UP. Leave a comment:

Thanks for in the rye themes, your comments. Itís funny you mention that because itís easy to address just by setting up a separate valid email account for this opportunity or any of the get paid to try offers. We actually recently covered some additional tips that can be followed to address some of the negative aspects of these opportunities in a video: But with that said, the excessive emails can be annoying if you donít manage it by creating another email account soley for the purpose of this type of opportunity. Thanks again for your feedback. Itís really appreciated. By the way, I like your website. Leave a comment: The other down side to signing up for any supposed free offers or trials is getting swarmed with email. Because of magnesium reaction with acid, this, I couldnít with good conscience recommend it.

Leave a comment: I agree with rosanne. i checked out their info and catcher in the, it sounds so simple. BUT in the faq section they do say that if you cancel your trial offers, you will not be credited for them, in Ecological, return making method #1 pointless. I was on the same page as rosanne in thinking ďo.k, if i donít cancel, whats going to catcher in the, happen to myer briggs, me next month when i start getting charged for these numerous offers.Ē I believe that the program could work for the first month as far as making you money, but i really donít see how you can continue to make money in in the, following months with such minimal work. Leave a comment: I tried to of the Ecological, join Project PayDay. I signed up for one of those ďfreeĒ offers.

Paid the $1.97 shipping, received confirmation from the catcher rye themes, offer and have waited all day to get my account verified with Project PayDay. Social Influence Of The Ecological On Social Practice! I sent them an email with the confirmation as instructed and have heard nothing. Rye Themes! Did it take along time for others too? Leave a comment: I signed up for Project PayDay a while ago. I really havenít used my account yet, but I recently contacted their customer service and was amazed at how quickly my questions were answered. Iíve always heard horror stories about never being able to get a response with on-line businesses, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Leave a comment: I have a few friends that are doing this and making money, so after investigating I decided to barriers and social, give it a try. The Project Payday site has some of the most thorough training material Iíve ever seen. Catcher In The Rye Themes! The video tutorials are excellent and really help you understand how to get started. If you want to sit around and wait for money to fall into with, your lap, this is not the site for you, but if youíre willing to put a little effort into it, you will make money. Catcher In The Rye Themes! After working their method 1 for a while, Iím moving into method 2 and hope to make even more money there. Leave a comment: Thanks for the comment.

This is exactly a perfect example as a legitimate reason to Social Workers: Influence on Social Practice, cancel on of the catcher, offers one does. Thanks for sharing. Phones! =) Leave a comment: When I signed up for project payday I signed up for the program. I paid $1.87 for shipping and I did read that they will charge $59.99 a month to your card if you DO NOT cancel within the 10-day free trial. Catcher In The! I actually became interested and free myer, looked into for the purpose of rye themes, selling electronic products on EBay. They actually let you post items on Ebay to health and social care, sell right away (within the 10-day free trail). In The! Auction Monster works with a company called ĎDobaí to offer all the myer briggs, selling products at the so-called wholesale price (about 250,000 products). Catcher In The Rye Themes! What sucks about Doba is that the barriers to communication health and social care, wholesale cost of the catcher rye themes, products for the seller cost more than many many retail prices of competitors.

For example, I was really interested in selling LCD 19-inch computer monitors. I was about to get ready to to communication health and social care, post a listing on Ebay. It was one by the brand Acer. In The! The wholesale price of one was $217 with a shipping cost of $13.($230) Doba says the MSRP is $355.00 and the suggested starting bid to sell on Ebay is $265. Weellllll, I did some research by looking for and cleopatra, competitors who were selling the catcher, same item on Ebay and I was surprised.

Very surprised. Not one competitor was selling this product even close to my wholesale cost of $217. I found one for $149.99 (retail price) and barriers to communication health, $30 shipping. I did not find one, I MEAN ONE, that sold the product for more than $200 (with shipping included). THAT ALONE, made me say Doba and Auctionmonster you are history. Catcher In The Rye Themes! I am canceling this ASAP!ÖÖandÖÖ..I DID. Leave a comment: Thanks for Influence of the Ecological on Social, your comments.

Iíve done get paid programs before and I have definitely canceled programs after giving them a fair try. In The! I agree it wouldnít be cost effective for us the average Joe to make money if we were being bled dry by free those monthly fees of catcher, some of the trial programs we do. I think what is expressing is that you should really only try to do programs that you have a real interest in. Social Influence Of The Ecological Practice! Because chances are if you like it then youíll stay. I think where there is some abuse is when people just join programs that they have no interest in at all, cancel really quickly and catcher in the, then that raises red flags to phones, the advertisers. This then puts everyone in in the rye themes, a bad place because advertisers wonít pay the get paid sites and we as average joes canít earn money.

So itís a fine balance. Advertisers are paying us because they hope to get some customers. Ethical Phones! But if they get no customers then itís flushing money down the toilet for them. So I understand from both points of catcher rye themes, view. But considering your circumstances. You have to do what is health, best for you. Leave a comment: I joined a couple of days ago and I really believe this program has promise.

However, I am very confused. The board is filled with warnings about not cancelling offers. Most ďAverage JoesĒ like myself are broke to begin with. Catcher In The Rye Themes! That is why they are on Social Workers: Influence Ecological Practice, the Project Payday website to begin with. Using myself as an catcher in the example, I had to sign up with 3 offers yesterday to get one 1 full credit to go green. I made $20. It cost me $7.82 in reaction, shipping fees. I do see the potential for profit but I simply cannot keep the 3 programs after the catcher in the rye themes, trial period (even though I tried to pick offers that I would actually try). Cause Marketing! They cost anywhere from $39.90 to $59.90 per catcher in the month for keeping them. Workers: Influence Of The Ecological On Social Practice! I will have absolutely no choice not to cancel or it would literally ruin me. (Iím talking car payment and mortgage checks bouncing and plunging me into a deep hole that I could not possibly climb out of.) For this reason, this program scares me. Does Project Payday really expect ďaverage joeísĒ to keep these programs and still make money?

Leave a comment: I agree with John, free should mean free, not sign up for a free trial offer which requires you to give up your credit card number. That is what promotes skeptesism from people looking for @ home jobs in the first place (at least for me). Also, Payday says this is a limited time offer and after that you will have to pay their subscription fee of $34.00, so there it is catcher, not free! or you can pay it now if you do not want to do the reaction hydrochloric, trial offers #128577; Leave a comment: Eddy is catcher rye themes, absolutely correct. Iíd also like to remind you that if anyone chooses to do an offer with a small SH fee, we rebate them double the fee within 24 hours via PayPal or check. In this case the user actually makes anywhere from $2 to hydrochloric acid, $10 profit just for signing up.

Leave a comment: Thanks for your feedback. From what I understand you donít have to select the offers that require you to pay shipping. And with some of the in the rye themes, other offers, theyíre risk free meaning that you can cancel before they ever charge your credit card. Free! But thatís assuming you stay organized enough. Catcher In The! But aside from those two type of offers, there are free ones that require no out pocket expenses at all.

Iím going to email the reaction with, folks at and have them chime in. Maybe Iím missing something here. Leave a comment: Liar, liar, pants on fire! The offers are not free. You must buy something or pay shipping charges at least.

This does not fall into the free category. Leave a comment: Leave a Comment: Hi, I'm Eddy With a Y! I Made $61,066.36 Online Without A Damn Boss! Top Ways To Earn. This Site Is Proudly Built With Ignition Theme by Thrive Themes | Copyright 2017 by Work At Home No Scams - Legitimate Reviews Job Leads. Easy To Follow, Flexible Hours, No Boss Required, Can Start Today! What if I Show You How To Make $5 Today For Free Other Free Ways To Earn Online!

Hey, Can I Show You My Top Way To Work At Home? ?Hey, I'm Eddy with a Y. I've seen it all when it comes to making money online but most of is CRAP ! But I finally found a way to in the, make real money online that I can actually recommend!?

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SparkNotes: The Catcher in the Rye: Themes, Motifs & Symbols

Nov 06, 2017 Catcher in the rye themes, order custom written essays online -
The theme of Childhood and Growing Up in The Catcher in the Rye

The Infamous Canon Resume/Stop/Reset Button. 2011-02-23T11:52 February 23, 2011. The following information relates to small handful of catcher Canon ink cartridges including the PG-37, CL-38, PG-40, CL-41, PG-50, CL-51, PG-510, CL-511, PG-512, CL-513, PG-540, PG-540XL, CL-541 and myer, CL-541XL. The warnings vary from in the rye themes, printer to printer but should be similar to the following: ďThe following ink cartridge may have run out: The function for Social Workers: Approach on Social, detecting the in the, remaining ink level will be disabled since the free, ink level cannot be correctly detected. If you want to continue printing without this function, press the printers Stop/Reset button for at least 5/five seconds. Canon recommends to use new genuine Canon cartridges in order to obtain optimum qualities. Please be advised that Canon shall not be liable for any malfunction or trouble caused by continuation of printing under the ink out catcher rye themes, condition.Ē ďThe following ink has run out: Black PG-510 or PG-512.

Colour CL-511 or CL-513. Replace the Cause Essays, ink cartridge and close the catcher in the rye themes, cover. If printing is in barriers to communication health and social progress and you want to continue printing, press the printers RESUME button for at catcher in the rye themes least 5 seconds with the ink cartridge installed. Then printing can continue under the to communication health and social, ink out condition. The function for detecting the catcher rye themes, remaining ink will be disabled. Replace the empty cartridge after printing. The resulting quality is not satisfactory, if printing is continued under the ink out condition.Ē In addition to these on screen messages you may also get ďCheck InkĒ messages on your printer with the codes E13, E16, Check ink U162 and Check ink U163. Whatever the case your printer requires the STOP/RESET/RESUME button be held down for a specific amount of reaction with hydrochloric acid time, but in most cases this is 5 seconds. However I have encountered many people that simply donít know which button this is, as the catcher in the rye themes, message itself is not massively clear. So to hydrochloric, clarify you are looking for a button with the catcher in the, following symbolÖ

Whilst it is normally red/pink but on newer printers you may fine it is white or a duller grey in briggs appearance. So before you take your trouble shooting any further I would advise locating this button on in the, your printer and holding it down for at least 5 seconds and with any luck your printer will jump into life and you will be able to Workers: Approach on Social Practice, continue printing. Please note that if you have changed multiple cartridges you may be required to in the, indicate to the printer that you wish to continue using the cartridges individually so it may be worth holding it down again if the first attempt was not successful. Please note that it is reaction with hydrochloric acid, perfectly normal for a remanufactured or refilled cartridge to behave in this way as the cartridge itself has no way of physically checking how much ink it is carrying. Instead the printer relies upon catcher in the, the cartridge communicating how many pages it has printed in barriers health and social care its lifetime and from this the in the, printer estimates and ink level. As such the cartridge has simply retained the ink level estimate it has had previously that will normally indicate it is either partially used or empty. Please note that despite the ominous warnings to the contrary there is no way that continuing to use cartridges under these conditions can damage your printer. As the Cause Essays, ink comes straight from the cartridge to the paper at no point does any non-Canon product come in contact with your machine.

Whilst the print head of the cartridge will eventually cease to function correctly after it has been refilled a significant amount of times the only thing that can inflict damage prior to this point is prolonged printing when the ink has physically run out. I hope you have found this advice useful. If however you continue to have problems with the catcher in the rye themes, cartridge please do get in contact with your supplier or check out our other troubleshooting videos to help identify the problem. This advice is applicable to the following printers Canon Fax JX200, MultiPass 450, MP150, MP160, MP170, Pixma iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP1900, iP2200, iP2400, iP2500, iP2600, MP140, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP190, MP210, MP220, MP450, MP460, MP470, MX300, MX310, iP2700, iP2702, MP230, MP240, MP250, MP252, MP260, MP270, MP272, MP280, MP282, MP330, MP480, MP490, MP492, MP495, MP499, MX320, MX330, MX340, MX350, MX410, MX420, MG2150, MG2250, MG3150, MG3155, MG3250, MG3550, MG4150, MG4250, MX375, MX395, MX435, MX455, MX515 and finally the reaction, Pixma MX525. If you have any other questions or have something to catcher, add, please let us know below in the comments. I have been involved in the printer industry since I was 18 and have been an Social of the Ecological, employee of Refresh Cartridges since early 2009. I am a dedicated family man, gamer, music fan and friend to all. I write the majority of the catcher, content here on Igloo and am responsible for its upkeep. March 3, 2012 at 5:08 pm (UTC 0) On my pixma MP490 I have refilled my color and ethical phones, black cartridge for the third time. The printer now gives me the rye themes, message The printer head is magnesium reaction with hydrochloric, not installed referring specifically to in the rye themes, the black cartridge.

although I know i have carefully place cartridge into printer and pushed down until the click. I have removed and replaced a dozen times and still get same message. Is this cartride not good anymore or can it be salvaged. I tried holding down the reset per you instruction with no result. I also disconnected and reconnected USB and Social Influence Ecological on Social, power without result. In The? Any suggestions? Thand you and Regards. March 9, 2012 at briggs 2:15 pm (UTC 0) If the catcher in the, cartridge is clicked in Marketing Essays all of the way I can only imagine the catcher rye themes, cartridge is having trouble communicating with the cartridge electronically meaning the electronic contacts have either ceased functioning or are being obscured in free myer briggs some way.

I would recommend taking the following steps: -Remove the cartridge from the printer. -Turn the printer off from the machine itself. -Run a dry cloth across the gold contacts on the front of the cartridge. -Run the catcher in the, cloth across the corresponding contacts inside the printer. -Turn the printer back on. -Re-install the barriers to communication health and social care, cartridge again. Hope this helps. March 5, 2012 at 7:19 pm (UTC 0)

FOUND YOU ON YOUTUBE. Catcher In The Rye Themes? My MP490 was working fine until I manually refilled the two cartridges. This is the plot, third time I have done this and had no problem in the past. This time I am getting the message print head is in the rye themes, not installed, install the print headwith an error code of UO51. I have carefully removed reinstalled cartridge many times without success.

The only further info i#039;ve got is that it is the black cartridge causing the mobile, problem. I have no problem buying an OEM cartridge but am afraid this might not even solve the problem. I have tried pushing and holding reset button, etc. and in the, it doesn#039;t seem to help. Do you have any thoughts or solutions? March 13, 2012 at reaction hydrochloric 12:06 pm (UTC 0) Sadly the UO51 error cannot be overcome with the holding of the catcher in the, resume button. It occurs when the printer is having trouble recognising the cartridge electronically. You can always wipe the contacts of the cartridge (and the corresponding ones inside the printer) with a piece of kitchen tissue to remove any oils, ink etc. to see if that helps.

March 16, 2012 at 10:08 pm (UTC 0) God bless you Matthew for that video and explanation. Tearing out my remaining hair and barriers to communication care, foaming at the mouth while. doing everything I ever did before to catcher in the rye themes, try and free myer, coax my. Canon mp250 back to life including Polynesian incantations, all in the. middle of working on my taxes to print out IRS forms, your. explanation appeared, a true gift from the gods. I sort of , kind of, did what you said, I think, as I was not fully in catcher control. of my senses after battling the printer for 3 hours, but whatever. I did following your step by step, it worked.

No more clanking, spinning, rattling noises followed by. a half minute of magnesium reaction hydrochloric acid eerie silence and then the dreaded beep-beep. and a bloody error message to catcher, drive my blood pressure up. Whatever we did, you and me, it worked! I#039;m printing again. I#039;m. almost happy to pay my taxes now that the goddamn printer works once again.

Almost. April 18, 2012 at 9:59 am (UTC 0) I have tried the information given about the reset button but still no joy -as this printer was bought from Argos -I cannot ask them ,so can you please recommend an agent in this area of agrsvesend ,North Kent who can help ?? D,Kingsnorth. Many thanks for your comments. April 18, 2012 at ethical phones 10:09 am (UTC 0) Sadly I do not know anybody in the area who could help you in the flesh. If however you wanted to catcher rye themes, let me know a detailed description of the problem along with any messages you are getting from the printer I would be happy to try and help. Alternatively feel free to post any printer/cartridge related queries on myer briggs, our Facebook page: April 18, 2012 at 10:05 am (UTC 0) I have done what you advise ,press the particular button which iI have now identified. with your lucid diagram but still no joy.

What next ? Can you advise a cannon retailer -agent who can help as I bought at Argos. 11.05 on the 19th. April 18, 2012 at 10:14 am (UTC 0) I am sorry to catcher in the rye themes, hear it. So I have a better idea what we are dealing with could you please let me know the Cause Related Marketing, exact error message you are getting from the catcher in the, printer or the nature of the problem? I can then hopefully advise further. You can also locate Canon service centres here: September 20, 2012 at and cleopatra 8:39 pm (UTC 0) I#039;m also getting the print head is not installed, install the in the rye themes, print head error on a Canon MP 470. This happens with both a BS and a color cartridge that I recently bought. I don#039;t see any obstructions on the cartridge.

Has anyone made progress in solving this? September 25, 2012 at 11:56 am (UTC 0) This error occurs when the printer is having trouble recognising a cartridge electronically. Ethical Phones? I would advise trying the following: -Remove the cartridge from the printer. -Turn the printer off from the machine itself. -Run a dry cloth across the gold contacts on the front of the cartridge. -Run the catcher in the, cloth across the corresponding contacts inside the printer. -Turn the printer back on.

-Re-install the cartridge again. If this does not help it is free myer briggs, entirely possible that the electronics on the cartridge are either damaged of in the have ceased functioning. In which case replacing the cartridge is the health care, only alternative. September 26, 2012 at 10:52 pm (UTC 0) RefreshCarts, thanks very much for the reply. November 13, 2012 at catcher 2:26 pm (UTC 0) Iíve got a Canon MP495 printer and barriers care, have just put a refilled black ink cartridge in. It was the original one which I had filled by catcher in the a local shop. Mobile Phones? Is there any way to in the rye themes, get the orange low ink light to go out. There doesnít seem to be an error message just the ink low light.

Iíve tried holding down the Social Workers: of the Ecological Approach on Social Practice, reset button but itís made no difference. Any ideas? November 13, 2012 at 3:13 pm (UTC 0) There is catcher rye themes, no way to reset the ink level of these cartridges. Barriers To Communication Health? A low ink warning by catcher in the rye themes itself will not stop you printing however. Once your printer believes the cartridge is empty you will have to hold down the button to continue, but that is as taxing as it gets. December 3, 2012 at 3:12 pm (UTC 0) thanks for your advice, alls well until i came to barriers, refil my cartridge for thr 2nd time. As the catcher rye themes, refil was disabled i had the stop printing mode and barriers to communication health care, then pressed the red triangle as you recommend. now having refilled the rye themes, cartridge there appesrs to be excessive ink flowing out , which i have dried several times, i#039;ve checked that the health, refil hole is in the, sealed.

howeve the test print from clean the Related Marketing, head is perfect yet the printer will not print letters. why can the rye themes, test be detail perfect yet the p;rint not work. March 4, 2013 at 9:54 pm (UTC 0) I have the Cause Marketing, U051 message on an MX340, with a brand-new 211XL cartridge. But when I put the rye themes, old, used-up cartridge in, I get no error message at all (except Low Ink, of course). I called Canon tech support and they agreed it sounded like a defective cartridge and sent me a new one. Unfortunately, it also gives U051. This time tech support says it means that my printer (only two years old!) is Workers: Influence Ecological on Social, defective and catcher rye themes, I either have to buy a new one or go without color printing (I can put the Cause Marketing Essays, old one back in so that I don#039;t get an error message and catcher in the rye themes, can therefore print, but only black, of course, since the old color cartridge is empty). They also said that what I was describing didn#039;t make sense (old cartridge recognizable and new one not). I asked them if they had any idea why it might be happening and they said it#039;s an ethical, anomaly(. ) I came the catcher rye themes, advice on your site to press the Reset button, but that didn#039;t work (and further down on your website I came across your note that it would not work for plot, U051). I tried your advice of cleaning the catcher in the, contacts and that didn#039;t work either.

I would assume that it really is the printer which is defective Ö except that it *does* recognize the old cartridge! Any idea why this could be, and what to do about phones it? Thanks. November 9, 2013 at 2:32 pm (UTC 0) Did you ever find an answer to this, I#039;m having the same issue. May 12, 2013 at 7:38 pm (UTC 0) Hi, I have just had the cartridges for my MP495 filled and installed them. I#039;m getting no error messages and I have been able to use the photocopy function in colour. But when I try to print something from catcher rye themes, my computer (like a word document) the printer won#039;t print in health and social colour. Any idea why this might be? Cheers.

May 14, 2013 at 9:56 am (UTC 0) If you printer is going through the motions of printing but not putting any colour ink to catcher rye themes, paper I would recommend doing cleaning/deep cleaning cycles from your printer or printer software. This pushes additional ink into Related Essays, the printhead and is likely to resolve print quality issues. if the problem persists after a few of these cleans then I would recommend taking th cartridge back to in the, whoever refilled it. Hope this helps. May 14, 2013 at 7:25 pm (UTC 0) I have a cannon pimxa mp495, just installed 2 new compitable ink cartridges into my printer and am now getting an error e14 flash up? I not sure how to fix it? June 1, 2013 at of the Ecological Approach Practice 1:31 pm (UTC 0) Do you know the in the, pin sequences for health and social care, these cartridgesÖ I mean there must be a way to catcher in the, reset the cartridge itself or at least fool the printer into thinking there is an everlasting cartridge in the slot? (perhaps something like it resets every time the printer is switched off and on)

Also is there a way to hydrochloric acid, factory reset the in the, printer and in and cleopatra that way it loses all its memory. I have the catcher in the, Epson stylus dx8450 and a canon ip1900. June 13, 2013 at and social 9:49 pm (UTC 0) Oh my god. Thank you thank you thank you. I had tried everything to rye themes, bring my damn printer back to life and this is the only thing that worked. You#039;re a ?.

August 19, 2013 at 1:22 pm (UTC 0) Argos are selling Canon printer real cheap at briggs the moment and these canon printers take the 540 Black and catcher in the, 541 Colour these printers have a page counter installed in antony them so they will not except refilled cartridges. Do you know any way round this please. August 20, 2013 at 9:44 am (UTC 0) Whilst these cartridges will warn of catcher in the low ink as described in this article you can still get around it easily using the method described here. There is nothing stopping you using refilled cartridge in these machines as long as the sensitive electronics are not damaged during refilling. If the contacts are damaged you will receive a message stating that the cartridge cannot be recognised.

Sadly this message is pretty terminal and there is no way around it. Hope this helps. September 26, 2013 at 12:56 pm (UTC 0) I recently purchased refill cartridges for my Canon MP220, this is the very first time I have replaced the cartridges for my machine but I am continually getting an error message U051, I have tried resetting the machine using your instructions above but it still wont recognise the cartridges, please help. September 26, 2013 at 3:48 pm (UTC 0) In my experience U051 indicates that your printer is having trouble recognising a particular cartridge and is different to the low ink warning covered here. Sadly all you can do to Related Marketing Essays, is ensuring the gold contacts on the front of the cartridge are clean. Catcher In The? If this doesn#039;t help there is likely an issue with the cartridge electronically and it will need replacing. October 11, 2013 at Cause Essays 5:50 am (UTC 0) I have a cannon pimxa ip1800, just installed 2 new ink cartridges into my printer and an now getting an error of 7 flash up. The printer send me a message that the catcher in the, color cartridge is Related, not installed properly but and sure it is.

I not sure how to fix it? October 16, 2013 at catcher rye themes 8:53 am (UTC 0) Error E07 does indeed relate to magnesium reaction with hydrochloric, the printer not being able to recognise the cartridge. This does not however mean the rye themes, cartridge is not installed correctly, just that the printer cannot read the contacts of the Workers: of the Ecological Approach on Social, cartridge correctly. In this instance I would recommend taking the following steps: -Remove the cartridge from the printer. -Turn the printer off. -Wipe the contacts on rye themes, the front of the cartridge firmly with a piece of kitchen tissue. -Wipe the corresponding contact inside the printer. -Turn the printer back on. -Reinstall the cartridge.

This will hopefully remove any oil, dirt or ink that is stopping the printer recognising the cartridge and allow you to barriers to communication, continue printing. If however this does not help it may be that the electronic components of the cartridge have either become dead electronically or have been damaged. in this case I can only recommend replacing the ink cartridge. November 4, 2013 at 7:41 pm (UTC 0) Canon mp495 will not print on in the, the left side of paper (about 1 and 1/2 inches) the right side is Cause Marketing Essays, fine. November 11, 2013 at 12:34 am (UTC 0) I have just refilled my cartridges for my mp490 and it will only print out in black and pink how can I fix this. November 12, 2013 at 5:04 pm (UTC 0)

Hello! I have a Canon PIXMA MX455 printer, and in the, no matter how many times or for how long I press the Workers: of the, Stop/Reset button, I cannot get rid of the rye themes, low ink warning. Do you know a way to reset the type of printer mentioned above? November 12, 2013 at 6:00 pm (UTC 0) It is important to note that the holding down resume does not get rid of the low ink warning.

Pressing this button down is only to be done when your printer believes the cartridge is empty and stops your printing. Free Briggs? The ink level estimate will still read as low after this point, but you will be able to continue printing with the black or colour cartridge in in the question until it physically runs out of ink. November 16, 2013 at 9:52 pm (UTC 0) Hi I have a canon MG4150 and have refilled my colour cartridge but my printer wont acknowledge it how do i reset it. November 19, 2013 at 11:27 am (UTC 0)

Your printer will not give an ink level reset after refilling but should still recognise it. What error message are you getting? September 16, 2014 at 5:55 pm (UTC 0) did you ever sort this out, as I have the same problem, and de -pressing the stop button is to communication health care, not working either. November 20, 2013 at 4:42 pm (UTC 0) I#039;ve got an rye themes, ip3500. Quite suddenly the lights went out on antony and cleopatra, the cartridges (not Canon#039;s) and in the, it won#039;t print. Myer Briggs? error message cartridges not recognised and I get a flashing yellow light Ė 4 times.

Any fix available?? November 26, 2013 at 8:43 am (UTC 0) I have a Canon Pixma ip5200 and have used compatible cartridges with no bother until recently when I got resume light flashing 5 times, with a pause. I thought it would be the in the, print head so have replaced this to no avail- still flashing in Social Influence Ecological Approach Practice sequences of 5 and no response when trying to print. Have tried power off and reset codes etc. Would be grateful of any advice. December 17, 2013 at 10:54 am (UTC 0) I replaced black ink cartridge pg 512 for canon mp490 (a non original one) and I get error U052 Printer head not installed. I tried to press and hold the reset red button, as well as other buttons but nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong? Does this printer accept only in the rye themes, original canon ink cartridges? Please help! Thanks? December 24, 2013 at 12:09 am (UTC 0) Hi, I have a MP490. Replaced the cartridges with refilled ones, did the whole reset button for x amount of to communication health and social time.

The black has registered on the printer, but colour is catcher rye themes, still saying it is free myer, lowÖbut on the flip side it still prints fine in both black and colour. Should I just live with it? OrÖ Thanks for in the rye themes, your time. December 24, 2013 at 11:27 am (UTC 0) Even after holding the reset button down the cartridges should still read as being low. This process is designed to get you up and free, printing once the printer has decided the cartridge is empty (and temporarily stops you printing).

As such do not worry about it, your printer will let you carry on until ink physically runs our or your printer thinks the other cartridge is empty. January 14, 2014 at 11:20 pm (UTC 0) Thanks for the useful info! I just got a Pixma MX395 and I was wondering how many times I can refill the original cartridges and still be able to print. I used to have an Epson with CISS, which broke, and now I have a lot of in the leftover ink from it. Can I use it for my Canon? Kinda like a CISS, except manually refilling the cartridges whenever ink runs out. In other words, is there any way of using this printer without periodically investing money in Cause Related Essays new (original or not) cartridges? I only want to in the, buy the ink from Influence of the Ecological on Social Practice, now on. Hope my questions made sense. January 15, 2014 at 1:20 pm (UTC 0)

You can continue to refill these cartridges until the printhead of the cartridge ceases to rye themes, function mechanically. Social Workers: Of The Practice? This could be on the first refill or after several. Canon design these cartridges for single use only catcher rye themes, so anything in excess of this is a bonus. I am not however aware of any CISS kits for this printer. I can see no reason why you could not continue to care, use the ink you already have and replace the ink cartridge occasionally though. January 18, 2014 at 3:08 am (UTC 0) Sir, I am getting an error somewhat like this in catcher my Canon pixma ip1300: The Following cartridge cannot be recognized. Printing cannot be executed because ink cartridge may not be inserted properly or may not be compatible for this printer. sir, any help would be gladly appreciated. January 26, 2014 at 6:17 pm (UTC 0)

I have a Canon Pixma MX310. Antony And Cleopatra Plot? I#039;ve been refilling cartridges for several years and catcher, pressing the mobile phones, stop/reset button and this has worked This time however, nothing. I gave in and bought a Canon cartridge, still nothing. Catcher In The? I get a yellow warning light and a Check Ink message on Cause Related, the printer plus an error message when I try to rye themes, print like the one in your video. Can you suggest anything else to try? Thanks very much Ė you have saved me hundreds of £ over the years! January 28, 2014 at 10:44 am (UTC 0) I can only imagine the #039;Check Ink#039; message is referring to something other than low ink as this is a 100% fix for this. Are there any other codes and references that are presented alongside Check Ink?

If not could you please confirm the full error message given to you on antony plot, your computer screen? January 28, 2014 at 9:36 am (UTC 0) Hi, I had buy a canon MP 280 printer four years ago. but it didn#039;t work properly from the beginning and it had cartridge error. the catcher, guaranty service was not available in my country. after four years I want want to know if it is repairable or not, and how can I get rid of ethical mobile phones cartridge error. I would be so glad if you could help me. thank you for catcher, you kind answer. February 8, 2014 at 5:40 pm (UTC 0) I have just purchased a Canon Pixma mx455 I have set up as instructed, but everytime I open the cover to install paper, the ink cartridges move across and pop open the Cause, cover door. Message states #039;can replace cartridge#039;.

I have taken them out and replaced 3 times. Is it me or the damed machine. In The Rye Themes? They are the cartridges packed with the machine. February 10, 2014 at 9:45 pm (UTC 0) I have a Canon printer Mp272, i would like to know if I need both cartridges black and colour in order for Workers: Influence of the on Social, it to work as it shows me E5 and does not print. February 11, 2014 at 9:43 am (UTC 0) This printer does indeed need the black and catcher in the rye themes, colour cartridge to ethical mobile phones, be recognised in order for catcher rye themes, it to carry on printing. E05 indicated that one of the cartridges is Social Influence on Social Practice, unrecognisable by the printer and in the rye themes, I can only recommend replacing the problematic cartridge. March 4, 2014 at 10:43 am (UTC 0) Hi I just bought a cannon pixma MG3150 The ink head will not open automatically and I am getting warning P 02. There is no paper jam and of the Approach on Social, this is the in the, first time ink will be put into to communication care, the printer.

HELP. June 4, 2014 at 6:47 pm (UTC 0) Thank you so much for the tip! Saved me so much time and effort! June 25, 2014 at 1:50 am (UTC 0) My Canon mp230 is in the rye themes, brand new and the light flashes 22 times.the scanner nor the printer want to Social Approach on Social, work.

July 20, 2014 at catcher in the 10:36 pm (UTC 0) Sir i have a problem on my canon ip2700 printer..the error says that the waste tank is full and i try to reset it two times but the reseter did not it only 4 times of failed reseting and the printer will be dead? Can you recommend me wher to free, download a reliable reseter? July 22, 2014 at 11:30 am (UTC 0) Sadly holding down the resume button will not resolve any issues relating to the waste ink tank of rye themes your printer.

To continue printing you will need to find a method of resetting the briggs, waste ink tank/ink absorber counter. After a quick Google I found several methods or doing so but i have note had experience resetting this particular printer personally. July 25, 2014 at in the 11:36 am (UTC 0) hi i HAVE A CANON IP1300 PRINTER . I HAVE REFILLED THE CARTRIDGE CORRECTLY BUT MY PRINTER IS NOT RECOGNIZING IT.CAN YOU TELL ME A SOLUTION HOW I CAN USE THE REFILLED CATRRIDGEÖ.SAY IF I CAN DO SOMETHING WITH THE CHIP. August 16, 2014 at 12:34 pm (UTC 0) Thank you so so much for acid, the information. I was wondering it says my cartridge is empty even after I have refilled the in the rye themes, ink.

So now I know it#039;s normal so thank you so much. My mind is at magnesium with hydrochloric acid ease now. #128512; September 13, 2014 at catcher in the rye themes 3:41 pm (UTC 0) I have installed a refilled CL41 in my Cannon MP210. Ecological Practice? It says: Printing cannot be executed because the Ink cartridge may not be installed properly or may not be compatible with this printer. I did try cleaning the contacts as well as holding the Stop/Reset bottom, but no luck, it does not let me print. Any way to get around this?

September 18, 2014 at 10:43 am (UTC 0) Hi my canon mg3550 has the green and in the rye themes, amber light flashing alternately for 4 flashes (2 each) There is and cleopatra plot, ink in the cartridges, I have taken them out and put them back, but it will not start or reset, any ideas? September 30, 2014 at 3:46 pm (UTC 0) plsÖ help me. i need resetter for canon pixma p200, where i download the restter? October 28, 2014 at catcher in the 3:00 am (UTC 0) was there a reply, answer or solution, am in need of same for canon p200Ö.help pls. October 20, 2014 at 6:58 am (UTC 0) if i refill the Social Influence of the Practice, 512 black faxes cannot be recieved and the printer stores them until i install an original before releasung. Rye Themes? please help.

October 24, 2014 at 6:38 am (UTC 0) Hi, I have a Cannon pixma 160 and I just replaced the black and color cartridge and when it goes through the motion to print it acts like it is printing but the sheets come out free briggs, blank. In The? Please does anyone know what could be wrong? I did remove the mobile, strip like it said on the box. Thanks. October 25, 2014 at 12:38 pm (UTC 0) Sounds like the ink isn#039;t where it need to be in the cartridge.

I would recommend running a couple of cleaning/deep cleaning cycles from your printer or printer software. If this fails to help, simply sit it on a damp patch on some tissue for 30 seconds and this should help get the ink flowing. November 11, 2014 at 11:45 am (UTC 0) Hi, I have a canon mx 395, it worked fine until last week. It receives faxes fine, but when it sends a fax the catcher, recipient gets a blank sheet, I tried copying but again a blank sheet. Why will it receive faxes but scans blank sheets? Thanking you in ethical phones advance for your help. November 19, 2014 at 11:26 am (UTC 0) November 24, 2014 at rye themes 11:41 am (UTC 0) hi Matthew, i have a canon mp220 series, when i want to print , the paper slide directly through to the out tray.

It was working perfectly prior to Related Marketing Essays, going away for a month, any advice would be much appreciated. November 25, 2014 at catcher rye themes 8:27 am (UTC 0) I have a canon Ip4200, is was printing normaly and all of a suden, it prints blanks. I did a head cleaning, Nozzle Check, only the free myer, black ink print when I do a Nozzle Check, all the catridges are full. Catcher? What can the problem be? November 29, 2014 at 7:33 pm (UTC 0) where is the resume button in canon ip 2600. December 2, 2014 at Cause Marketing 10:19 am (UTC 0) Near top left, under the power button. I believe it doubles as a paper feed button.

December 15, 2014 at 5:26 pm (UTC 0) Hi I have a pixma 287 printer. With refilled cartridges it was working well, then suddenly message displayed cartridges cannot be recognised how to restore printing. December 17, 2014 at 4:02 pm (UTC 0) Hi Matthew.

Thank you for sharing all this information with us all. Catcher? Very grateful and much appreciated. January 2, 2015 at 5:42 pm (UTC 0) I cant get my printer to free, work after it ran out of paper. I#039;ve filled the paper, pressed and held the reset button for up to 10 seconds, pressed both colour and black buttons, turned it on and off a few times and still it says paper tray needs refilled. In The Rye Themes? Any ideas on other ways to clear this? the printer is brand new, first time priiting from it. January 23, 2015 at 7:18 am (UTC 0) Canon Inkjet iP1300 printer showing error.

The following ink catridge cannot be recognized. printing cannot be excuted because the ink catridge. may not be compatible with this printer. Install the appropriate ink catridge. If you want to Cause Marketing, cancel printing, click cancel printing. February 18, 2015 at catcher rye themes 8:16 pm (UTC 0) I have a Canon Pixma IP2500 with original cartridges. The colour one ran out of with acid ink and I have had it refilled. I have reset the catcher in the rye themes, options for reaction hydrochloric, black only but no matter. what I do it will not print and comes up with the. Warning that an in the rye themes, ink cartridge is not installed properly.

and consequently won#039;t print. Hydrochloric Acid? I have tried the 5 sec. Reset but to no avail. Any ideas please. November 30, 2015 at 12:08 pm (UTC 0) I need the in the, same advice as David above as my printer is antony, doing the catcher rye themes, same no matter how many times i reset! plesase can you provide a solution to this. thank you.

March 3, 2015 at 2:13 pm (UTC 0) My Canon mp230 is brand new and the light flashes 22 times.the scanner nor the printer want to work. March 4, 2015 at 5:28 pm (UTC 0) Hello sir, I need to help reset ink level of canon pixma e560 wifi model, please send me solution of that printer, March 6, 2015 at free myer 11:05 am (UTC 0) Help! I have a Cannon MP5550 Ė replaced all cartridges, however it will print all other colours but black. Catcher In The Rye Themes? I have done a deep clean, cleaned nozzles. Barriers To Communication Health And Social? Should I reset? Please help! March 11, 2015 at 5:19 pm (UTC 0)

Please, any one can tell me how to Reset Ink Level Of Canon Pixma E560 wifi printer, cartridge no. is catcher in the, PG-89 and barriers care, CL-99. March 13, 2015 at 8:11 am (UTC 0) Brilliant Ė was pulling my hair out in the rye themes, as the magenta cartridge wasnt working after id changed it. No warnings or error messages Ė just wasnít printing magenta.

Held it down for about 15 seconds and worked straight away. Thank you! April 8, 2015 at 2:19 pm (UTC 0) I have a canon Ip4200, is was printing normaly and all of a suden, it prints blanks. I did a head cleaning, Nozzle Check, only the black ink print when I do a Nozzle Check, all the catridges are full. What can the problem be? May 14, 2015 at 5:05 pm (UTC 0) I brought a new PC and reaction, its windows 8.1, my canon MG4150 print is catcher rye themes, not sharp any more. I downloaded the appropriate driver on the canon website, I#039;ve performed the antony, auto align, and this has not cured the problem, despite performing these operation 2 or 3 times, and removing and re installing the driver. New printer maybe??

August 9, 2015 at catcher in the 11:16 am (UTC 0) I have a canon Pixma MG3550 printer. I have replaced the standard cartridges with XL cartridges but now I get four flashes. What can i do to remedy this. Thanks in advance for to communication health, any help. August 10, 2015 at 11:49 am (UTC 0) my canon mg2550 printer is showing paper jam. I cannot see any paper.

What can i do. October 9, 2015 at catcher rye themes 9:10 am (UTC 0) I have canon 6750dn can i get total pages print till date in ubuntu machine. November 1, 2015 at 2:36 am (UTC 0) I have a MX475 the /Stop/Reset Button to Social Workers: Influence Approach Practice, continuing printing work on this printer to? November 9, 2015 at 10:16 am (UTC 0) I have a canon mx410 printer.

Can the ink tanks be (for example) cl-211/pg-210xl or do they have to be cl-211/pg-210. I keep getting the code u051 and I was wondering if this was the problem. November 15, 2015 at 4:14 pm (UTC 0) Hi. I have a canon e460 using pg-47 and catcher, cl-57. I have refill the magnesium reaction hydrochloric acid, cartridges and the printer prints nothing, looks like the ink cartridges don#039;t spill out in even they are full. What should I do now? Thanks. January 1, 2016 at 2:20 pm (UTC 0) how do I reset the catcher in the rye themes, Canon MP640 printer it wont tune on I#039;m getting a yellow light to health care, the right of rye themes my printer led screen wont come on myer, is there away to rye themes, fix it thanks.

January 9, 2016 at Related 6:53 pm (UTC 0) I have canon pixmaE460 and its black ink lamb is continously flesh then what its mean and how i can solve this problem. January 19, 2016 at 4:22 pm (UTC 0) Canon Pixma MP230 flashes green and catcher in the rye themes, orange alternately 22 times. What should I do ? January 28, 2016 at 5:56 am (UTC 0) I have mx310 and I lost the drivers of it and I download it from Related Marketing Essays, canon company,my system is windows 8.1, after I install the driver for catcher in the, mx310 , I can#039;t find the Icons for the scaner or the other Icons , does it hied some where in to communication health and social care that windows? if there is something wrong with the driver that I had can you give me a link for the real driver? thank you. February 3, 2016 at 12:40 pm (UTC 0) I have recently returned to South Africa and brought with me my a Cannon Pixma MG-3250 printer. I now need to replace the cartridges but they are not available in catcher rye themes South Africa. Free Myer? My Cartridges are Black PG-540 and colour CL-541, I can get cartridges that will fit i.e 440 and 441 but the catcher rye themes, machine refuses to accept them.

Is there anyway to phones, fool the printer into accepting them? February 17, 2016 at 6:29 pm (UTC 0) Yes no problem if you can buy the ink in in the SA just refill the myer, cartridge and follow the rye themes, above instructions,filled mine about 4 times now,good luck. March 5, 2016 at 12:58 pm (UTC 0) Hi mattew I need ur help I have a Canon printer Mp280 I change both catridges but is not working the alarm light is on. March 31, 2016 at 4:28 pm (UTC 0) Same with mine. I keep changing the antony and cleopatra plot, cartidge and am using a branbd-new not refilled cartiridge. But it won#039;t accept any cartridge. I have tried cleaning it out Severalo times. April 8, 2016 at 2:11 pm (UTC 0)

I have a Canon Pixma printer MX 455 series and message comes up out of ink, the ink cartridge is in the rye themes, a replacement colour 541 the black cartridge is 540XL is there a way to use these inks are togethor. April 25, 2016 at 1:34 pm (UTC 0) can i use 510 and 511 cartridges in magnesium with acid my pixma mx395 although they require 540/541. April 28, 2016 at 10:24 am (UTC 0) Sadly not. You printer will only accept PG-540XL, CL-541XL, PG-540 CL-541 ink cartridges. June 11, 2016 at 10:07 am (UTC 0) How to catcher in the rye themes, refill black ink in PG-47 cartriage. July 21, 2016 at 7:28 pm (UTC 0) The Cannon mg5550, is the biggest load of Cause Marketing Essays rubbish i have ever brought, it makes loads of rye themes noise when starting to print,it takes ages to start printing,when the ink runs low it wont print it says hold the reset button for 5 seconds if you want to carry on ,as you have gused it this dosent work either or to magnesium reaction hydrochloric, even find the reset button! its quite new for the amount i have used it. i will go back to my lexmark shouldnt have so called up dated in the firt place.. July 21, 2016 at 7:29 pm (UTC 0)

then they wont post any bad things about their printer will theyÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ October 13, 2016 at 8:34 pm (UTC 0) New refilled 513 ink won#039;t fit into my Canon printer.Should I break the black case before fitting.thanks. October 15, 2016 at 12:47 pm (UTC 0) Many remanufactured/refilled versions of these cartridges come with a protective clip that covers the sensitive electronics on the front of the cartridge. If it will not fit then I would recommend double checking that all protective packaging has been removed.

November 20, 2016 at 2:35 pm (UTC 0) Hi , I have canon pixima g2000 printer. Please tell me that how can i got to catcher rye themes, know about the total pages printed by my printer till now . Thanks and warm regards, November 23, 2016 at 4:36 pm (UTC 0) HI My canon MG4250 won#039;t print colour, the colour button will no longer press. February 2, 2017 at 4:01 pm (UTC 0) Hi, I have CANON PIXMA MP230, it just only print one document then I have to restart my laptop to print new oneÖso I decided to reaction with hydrochloric acid, reset my printer and follow the catcher in the rye themes, reset/off button thingÖ.. and magnesium with hydrochloric acid, now my printer didínt work at catcher rye themes all as in no light once I press the Social Workers: Ecological Practice, buttonÖ.. Catcher In The? I need your helpÖ. please ÖÖ..what can I do? May 8, 2017 at 7:40 am (UTC 0)

HI there I have a canon Pixma MG2550 its running off my laptop that has Windows 10 it wont let me use the Scan facility all of to communication and social care a sudden..can you help much appreciate! Cheers Jo. June 8, 2017 at 11:41 pm (UTC 0) My pixma mp140 changed to coloured ink while printing because black cartridge ran out I,m assuming so I bought new cartridge and my printer is stuck on in the, colour and wont print says printer is in error but I cant do anything HELP. June 14, 2017 at Social Workers: Ecological Approach on Social 7:28 pm (UTC 0)

My IP 2600 worked fine up until now. It sat with an old black cartridge and catcher rye themes, is not working with new one. Computer gives message to consult aboit settings using black cartridge only. Can#039;t find it so far. July 27, 2017 at 5:18 pm (UTC 0) I just picked up a canon MG5650 from an old store it Gives me error: The following Ink tank cannot be recognized Support Code 1410, there is no to free myer, disable ink level indicator like d way i did with my Canon iP7240 iP4940 press resume for 5 sec. but MG5650 dint have the option.. pls help. August 29, 2017 at in the 12:31 pm (UTC 0)

a great help to to communication health and social care, many users of Canon but I dont find the solution to my problems a gtreat pity for us bye MINOU moi. How to the Reset Purge Counter on a Brother Printer (With a Numerical Pad) 478 comments Epson inkjet printer rejecting printer cartridges? Try this! 220 comments How to Reset Purge Counter on catcher, a Brother Printer (Without Numerical Pad) 267 comments Clearing the Canon Pixma E04, E05, E14 or E15 Error Message 42 comments The Infamous Canon Resume/Stop/Reset Button 112 comments. Currently adding a new kids stationery range to our website including products from @Crayola :) #Crayola #Stationery 09:19AM - 2 Oct 2017 Good morning everyone!!

Happy Monday morning to you all :) Have no fear! We are here to save you money on free myer, Ink ToÖ 08:28AM - 2 Oct 2017 RT @BoostTorbay : Forgot to get inks over in the, the weekend? Pop in and see @Refreshcarts , your local toner and ink provider:Ö 08:27AM - 2 Oct 2017. Address: Refresh eCommerce Ltd , Unit 3, Longpark, 163 Newton Road, Torquay , Devon , TQ2 7AL.

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7 Ways To Tailor Your Resume For A Leadership Position. #1 Thing Recruiters Want You To Know About Getting A Job AppDynamics. Catcher. How To Land A Job At Northside Hospital. 3 Tips For Getting A Job At Medidata Solutions. The Secret To Networking When You Don#039;t Have Any Time. 3 Ways Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Make The Most Of Online Collaboration. Are you a prime candidate for a mid- to senior-level leadership role? Before you apply, make sure you leverage these seven strategies to tailor your resume for Related Marketing Essays maximum impact. As you (hopefully) know, the computer databases, or Applicant Tracking Systems, that store and analyze incoming resumes for job board, employer, and recruiter sites, count the number of times certain words are used in your resume. These keywords are industry-specific and are unique to each role in each company. Your resume ranks higher if you include more of these words in the document. Include a keyword section in your summary and stock it full of 12 to 15 keywords pulled from the job description of the role you are pursuing.

Even more importantly, use these keywords in catcher in the rye themes each relevant job listing you include in your document. They can be easily woven into barriers health care sentences in your position overview statements as well as your achievements. If youíre a new grad, have recently attained an catcher in the rye themes MBA, or donít have all of the experience sought in free myer briggs the job posting youíre submitting for, try listing relevant coursework in your resumeís education section. This will boost your keyword count. Catcher In The. Fairly universal keywords include terms such as strategic planning, operations leadership, business management, cross-functional, cross-cultural, global, talent management, organizational restructuring, and PL accountability. 2. Reposition Your Resumeís Summary. Each time you apply for a new role, you need to barriers, tweak your career summary to maximize the catcher rye themes number of keywords and ensure you are laying emphasis on the right capabilities. When you apply for a leadership role, it is imperative to showcase your strategy skills and experience. In lower-level jobs, you have to demonstrate your tactical execution strengths; in director-level plus positions, designing and implementing strategic plans is and cleopatra plot, absolutely critical. Briefly describe the highpoints of your leadership experience in your summary. Relevant details you may want to include are things like key industries, sizes of companies youíve worked for, the catcher in the rye themes largest team size youíve led, and barriers and social, the largest budget or PL youíve managed.

Include brief descriptors of your leadership and rye themes, communication style. Marketing Essays. These are less hard-hitting issues which deserve more attention on executive resumes. Be sure to include your strategy experience in addition to listing strategic planning as one of your key skills. Consider including 2-3 brief but impactful career achievements as part of your summary. In The Rye Themes. Choose accomplishments which demonstrate your core leadership strengths and Social Influence of the on Social Practice, ability to deliver top- and in the, bottom-line impacts on sales, revenue, productivity, efficiency, and expense management.

3. Barriers And Social Care. Clarify The Context Of Each Position, Promotion, Or Achievement. One of the resumeís key tasks is to tell the story of your career. In The Rye Themes. Yours must convey the Cause Related Marketing importance and relevance of each position change youíve made while simultaneously clarifying the catcher in the key challenges you faced in the role. Include a brief position overview or introduction to each role on your resume. If the position was a promotion or special assignment, make that clear. Magnesium Reaction Acid. Showcase the context of your hire or promotion. Were you the first sales person in a new territory or the newest manager in a series of 5 within a short timeframe? Were you hired or promoted with specific challenges in mind?

Were you hired or promoted based on specific skills or experience you possessed? If you were placed in the role to resolve specific challenges, itís vital to note the circumstances at your entry into the position. For example, if you were hired to catcher rye themes, turn around declining sales, what was the Workers: Influence Ecological Approach sales level when you started? What sales level did you attain or position during your tenure? Keep it brief Ė your position introduction should take up only 2 to 3 lines of text. Make every word count! Do the same thing with your achievements by including key details that reveal the larger context of your actions. Catcher In The. If you averted a division closure by turning around sales, thatís vital to highlight. Free Myer Briggs. If your marketing efforts helped open new market sectors which paved the in the rye themes way for a mission-critical merger, say so. Donít just focus on results Ė put your results in a larger context that makes your overall contributions more clear.

4. Front-Load Your Resumeís Achievements With A Strategic Focus. Most job seekers assume that recruiters read resumes the free myer briggs same way that they do. Catcher. Not so. Many recruiters read a resume ďout of orderĒ or in pieces and parts in order to myer, nail down their big picture perspective of the prospective candidateís career. Rye Themes. This often includes reading achievement statements differently than you and I do.

Before reading them in their entirety some recruiters briefly review the Cause first few words of catcher in the rye themes each bulleted statement to test the waters, so to speak, and Influence Practice, see if the accomplishments are more tactically or strategically focused. Catcher. It thus imperative that you front-load your achievements with the strategic focus theyíre looking for, assuming you have that experience. In leadership positions, your strategy influence is mobile phones, often a bigger deal than your monetary impact. Catcher Rye Themes. Begin your bulleted statements by free briggs clarifying your strategic impact, then note the specific impacts you achieved. Hereís my revamp which shifts the emphasis to strategy: Roadmapped Greenfield plant start-up from strategic planning to on-time, on-budget rollout in 1 year. Outcome: Doubled throughput and increased revenue by catcher in the rye themes $42M. For example, hereís a typical ďhomemadeĒ bullet written by barriers health and social a real job seeker: ďWorking on a green field project that would double the capacity of the in the rye themes plant.Ē 5. Align Your Education Extra Sections With A Leadership Focus.

Itís always vital to with hydrochloric acid, include up-to-date listings of your educational credentials, of rye themes course, including certifications, relevant affiliations, and professional development coursework. Mobile. But donít overlook other details that can bolster the leadership focus of your resume. Any evidence of your present or past leadership experience may be relevant. Thus, consider adding present or past volunteer leadership roles in professional or community organizations. Make sure you include any for profit or not-for-profit board or committee roles you have fulfilled. Catcher. And if space permits, include key initiatives you have contributed to Cause Marketing Essays, during your tenure on these boards or committees. Leadership courses completed at major grad schools deserve emphasis as well. When you list industry-specific certifications, include them in in the acronym form as well as spelled out because either form is a keyword. Reaction Acid. If you have won leadership awards or been selected for leadership development programs with any of your employers, make sure you note these. 6. Rye Themes. Use The Jobís Title As Your Resumeís Title.

This is a quick change but a critical one: make sure you insert the exact title of the position youíre pursuing into your resume as its title. This will of Ecological Approach Practice course add more keywords to your resume, but, more importantly, it will shape the perception of your resumeís readers to see you as qualified for the position you are targeting. Now, this wonít work if you apply for a leadership role for which you have few, if any, qualifications. But if you are well-qualified for the position youíre targeting and meet 75% or more of the role requirements, then this is a wise and appropriate thing to do. 7. Harness Your Career Brand In A Tagline. Whether you call it a tagline or a power statement, these single-line headlines are the rye themes perfect length to encapsulate a key leadership trait you possess along with your most impactful and important career-long impacts.

These kinds of hydrochloric acid statements are big picture by nature and thus encompass the whole of your career rather than just your most recent role. Catcher. Secondary or tertiary power statements can be used to spell out additional role-specific achievements. For example, hereís the tagline I used for an executive resume I recently wrote: Fueled $12B in Cause Related Marketing revenue career-long while delivering 3X investor returns. As you can see, short statements are more powerful when used as headlines; key details can be provided in the work history section of your resume. Letís say youíre a leader with a turnaround history Ė that would be important to catcher in the rye themes, note in a key location. Antony And Cleopatra. Hence, a tagline such as this might be beneficial: Reversed the performance of 4 mid-size companies from negative to up to +$124M in 6 months. All of the foregoing are content shifts you need to make in your resume to catcher in the rye themes, properly position yourself as a leadership candidate. In addition, consider overhauling your resumeís ďlook and feelĒ to call attention to executive-level experience. Take a look at some formatting makeovers in to communication health care this blog post.

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Free Information Technology essays. Context/Background - The central problem for the Internet users is how to obtain accurate information for catcher rye themes a query in an efficient and fast way. Antony. And the most efficient way to solve the problem nowadays is using the search engine, which is a software system that could search information from the Internet automatically and provide query services for the users. Aims - The first purpose of the project is to implement a search engine, which includes a crawler, an inverted index, a graphical user interface, and catcher in the a reporting facility. And the health and social second purpose is to test which ranking algorithm more satisfies the needs of users in the search engine of the project. Method - The crawler would collect webpages which would be analyzed and stored in the database. According to the information in the database, an inverted index would be built to restore all the information for the efficiency of the search engine.

And then the search engine could search the information for users in the inverted index. For the convenience of the rye themes users, a graphical user interface is used for users inputting queries and some ranking algorithms are used to satisfy users' needs more quickly. And a reporting facility would help users know what the most users are searching. To test the ethical search engine, the test case of the search engine in catcher rye themes the project would be the webpages of 'Durham University'. When it comes to Related Essays, the second aim, several tests would be made to compare the ranking algorithms to find out the most suitable algorithm. Results ' The search engine would be evaluated using the unique general method which is in the based on free briggs, the traditional famous evaluation method, and the method evaluates the search engine according to catcher in the, the capability, indexing method, indexing results, and user burden. Generally, the search engine is quite a good one from the value of the factors. And the differences between PAGERANK and HITS algorithms are also analyzed that the response time of PAGERANK is less while the HITS is a query-dependence algorithm. So the Social Workers: Influence Ecological user would decide the algorithm based on their queries.

Conclusion ' In the project, a search engine has been made and as a platform, the ranking algorithms PAGERANK and HITS have been compared to let the in the rye themes search engine get the better results. To Communication Health And Social Care. Finally, the factors of evaluation have been brought forward and evaluate the search engine. Keywords ' search engine, crawler, index, database, query, reporting facility, PAGERANK, HITS. With the rapidly development of the Internet technology, more and more people would like to in the rye themes, derive information from the Internet. There are four main characters of the information in the web (Wei, 2005): hugeness, heterogeneity, dynamics, and and cleopatra plot semi-structured. What is more, the information in the web contains quantities of dynamic hyperlinks. With the features of the information in the web, the most useful tool to search the internet is search engine. In 1994, the earliest search engine 'World Wide Web Worm' indexed about 110 thousand webpages. However, there have been 350 million documents in the Internet, and the number of documents still increased by 1 million per day (Yibing, 2011). According to the research by catcher China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in 2014, 'The 33rd Statistics Report for China Internet Developing Situation', by December in 2013, the number of to communication and social Chinese webpages has been up to 150 billion, up 22.2 percent on catcher, last year's same period. However, the Chinese webpages are just the tip of the myer submerged iceberg.

As a result, people could only in the rye themes use the search engines to access the information they want among such a large amount of ethical mobile phones information. The report also says that by December in 2013, the catcher number of phones search engine users in catcher rye themes China has raised to 490 million, up over 38 million on myer briggs, last year's same period, and the increasing rate is 8.5 percent while the use rate of the search engines has been to 79.3 percent. Therefore, how to search the catcher rye themes useful and valuable information from Essays, such a plenty of in the information has been an important issue in the field of information retrieval and data mining. B. Search Engine. In the background as shown above, the Social Workers: of the Approach on Social search engine has been developed and is very popular among the Internet users, and nowadays, the search engine has been one of the most effective tools when it comes to the information retrieval. A search engine is a software system which merges almost every aspect of advanced technology, such as analysis of in the user behavior, natural language processing, data mining, information retrieval, and robot learning. The search engine would provide query services for the users after it crawls, indexes and Cause Related Marketing Essays ranks the webpages (Shuling, 2011). The query services include webpages, pictures, videos, or other types of documents. It supplies an effective measure for catcher rye themes users to search for information and navigation. Nowadays, the search engine seems to be an essential in the life of most people. If the search engine does not exist, it would be hard for antony plot people to search the information they want in the Internet.

It would be an awful thing and would lead the catcher internet useless because everyone gets a lot of Marketing Essays information but few is actually they want. The basic function of a search engine is to navigate information based on the content of websites and webpages. It crawls all kinds of resources and information, analyzes them automatically, gets the key words, and builds database using index. The users of a search engine inquire the database in the webpage, and the results would include all the webpages whose content match the query. What is more, the search results would be sorted according to the importance of webpage and matching algorithm of catcher key words (Xuesong, 2008:3).

According to 'Knowledge Management' which is ethical mobile written by Jawadekar and Waman (2011), 'a search engine works as the following order: webpage crawling, indexing, and searching'. First of all, automated web crawler which follows every link on the web site would retrieve and store information from the HTML markup of the webpages. And then the search engine would analyze the contents of webpages to determine which type of in the information (text, picture') is included, and how to index them. All the information would be stored in the index database for the later queries. Cause Related. Once the user inputs the query in the webpage of search engine, the index helps find information matching queries in the database as soon as possible. At the same time, it returns a list of best-matching webpages which contain the title and parts of text according to its criteria. However, nowadays, the search engine should work in a loop of crawling, indexing, and searching to update the information in the index. The data from the report of 'The 33rd Statistics Report for China Internet Developing Situation' shows that several most frequent Internet service are communication(86.2 percent), information retrieval(79.3 percent), entertainment(54.7 percent), and commercial trade(48.9 percent). The above data proves that the in the four Internet services have been the essential part of most people's lives. And because of the specific feature of the ethical mobile search engine, it solves the problems of how to search the valuable and useful information for catcher rye themes the users, which is the main reason why people are interested in it, and the search engine become the necessary tool in the people's daily life. C. Ranking Algorithm.

In the early age of the search engine technology development, the users pay more attention to whether the searched results are relevant to the query. As a result, the information could only be classified as relevant or not when it comes to the keywords in the query. Therefore, the searched results would combine as a disordered and Boolean relevant set of information. With the development of the search engine technology, there appear the ranking algorithms based on the content of webpages. The algorithm would weigh the webpages by the frequency and position of the keyword of the query in the webpages.

Specifically, if a keyword appears more times, the relevance between the webpage and the query would be higher; and if the position of the keyword is more important, the authority of the webpage is higher. Therefore, the magnesium with acid rank of the webpage in the result set would be higher. Then, the in the rye themes ranking algorithms based on the hyperlinks analysis appear. The kind of algorithms takes the methodology of citation analysis in the traditional information index theory, which considers the hyperlinks as the Related Marketing Essays quotation of the webpage, and rye themes if the times of a webpage is cited more, the authority value would be higher; and if a webpage is quoted by an authority webpage, the Related Essays authority value of the webpage would be higher, and finally the rank of the webpage would be higher. Nowadays, the famous search engines such as Google take the kind of algorithms. However, the algorithm only in the rye themes considers the importance and authority of the webpage, but not the relevance between the content of webpages and the queries. Magnesium Reaction Acid. Therefore, the algorithms have been developed by adding the computation of the topic relevance and several other factors which might influence the ranking.

Nowadays, the ranking algorithms would exert influence on the evaluation of a search engine whether they could put the valuable and useful information at the first of the results list, which is the core problem of the in the rye themes search engines for the users. D. Purpose of Project. The first purpose of the project is to implement a search engine, which includes a web crawler which could get all the resources and information of the webpages, an index which could save data from the crawler, a graphic user interface which is convenient for users to input a query and ethical phones return the result list to the users, and several ranking algorithms which rank the search results. The second purpose of the project is to compare the ranking algorithms PAGERANK and HITS to rye themes, find their advantages and disadvantages and which ranking algorithm would be more suitable for the search engine in the project. Design a web crawler.

Build and maintain an index. Design a GUI (such that a user can pose queries). Implement a basic ranking algorithm (which ranks the search results for a given query). Implement a well-known ranking algorithm such as PAGERANK. Improve the GUI by allowing more complicated user queries (e.g. using Boolean opereators). Implement a reporting facility that collects all searches perfomed by any user of the tool for statistical analysis. Design another well-known ranking algorithm such as HITS and compare it with PAGERANK. Implement a visual representation of the data collected by the reporting facility. A. Development of Search Engine. According to the criterion of ranking the results, the search engine could be classified as three generations (Lina et al., 2011).

The first generation search engine ranks the results according to the relevance between the webpages and the queries. And the relevance is Influence of the on Social Practice computed by weighing and scoring the keywords in the query. The kind of search engines searches the results based on the content of the webpages, generally, there are two methods. The first one classifies the webpages in the different indexes by using the catcher in the rye themes traditional library information management and the users could search the results by searching the indexes. The most representative search engine is Yahoo and becomes the foundation of ethical mobile phones other websites of search engines.

The second one is based on the match between the content of catcher in the webpages and the queries. It considers whether the webpages contain the keywords and the position and Workers: Influence Approach frequency of the keywords in a webpage to decide if the catcher in the rye themes webpage is relevant with the query or not. The most representative and famous search engine is AltaVista, and the relevant technology is adopted by other search engines, and finally developed to free myer, be the basic algorithm of the catcher search technology. However, the first generation search engines has the antony and cleopatra obvious drawbacks, the first method promises the relevance, but it is not automatic, as a result, it is not convenient for the users to use the search engine. While the second one uses the keywords in the query, which could be cheated by the spam webpages. To avoid the rye themes defects, the second generation search engines are developed. Actually, the second generation search engines scores the importance of the webpage by whether it is clicked by the users and how long the users would like to spend in the webpage or the number of the in-hyperlinks in the webpage. Since 1996, the researchers have started to use the method of the hyperlinks which is originated by briggs the method of citation analysis. The citation analysis method is to analyze the citation relationship among the catcher in the rye themes literatures and mark and index the literature by quotation language. In the method, if one paper is cited by more paper, the paper would be more valuable and important. And if one paper is cited by more important paper, the paper itself would be more important.

In the same way, there is similar 'citation' relationship which is called hyperlinks among the webpages. The signification of the hyperlink method is not only just a novel ranking algorithm, but also the mobile phones algorithm is automatic, as a result, the algorithm allows users to catcher, search the big scale of the webpages, at the same time, the algorithm also considers the Cause Related Marketing Essays relevance of the results and the speed of searching. What is also worth noticing is that the algorithms based on the hyperlinks have lots of catcher benefits. However, it is Related Marketing Essays not the rye themes only kind of ranking algorithms in the second generation search engines. There are still many other algorithms based on Cause Related, the hyperlinks adding the analysis of the content of the webpages and some other factors to rank the catcher in the rye themes results. The third generation is the intelligent search engine, the Essays main character of which is to satisfy the catcher in the rye themes specific needs of the users.

In fact, the second generation has been improved in the evaluation factor of precision and recall compared with the myer briggs first generation and catcher is still the mainstream in the Internet. However, the algorithms in the second generation have not considered the query, which means that once the query includes many keywords which belong to different fields, the relevance of the results would not satisfy the users. The situation requires the users to have the myer briggs search skill to get better results. As a result, the search engines need to understand and guess the intention of the users so as to help the users filter the results. The intelligent search engines shown above are the third generation search engine.

Nowadays, there are some search engines which are essentially different with the second search engines. For example, natural language search engine, clustering search engine, semantic search engine and so on. The kind of search engines is generically called the third generation search engine. B. Problem Domain. According to 'Search Engines Information Retrieval in Practice' (W.Bruce, 2010), there are three 'big issues' in the field of information retrieval in catcher the 1960s, and the problems have not been solved nowadays. The major core problem is relevance, which is a basic conception of information retrieval. If the index database compares a query with the information in the index simply and Cause Related Marketing returns the exact match, the relevance of the catcher rye themes results would not be good enough because different words could express the same meaning, and it is myer called 'vocabulary mismatch problem' in information retrieval (Furnas et al., 1987). As a result, it is necessary to distinguish the in the rye themes concepts of topical relevance and user relevance. The queries are in the same topic if a query and Marketing Essays key words in the index are topical relevant.

For example, weather and snow are topical relevant. When it comes to the user relevant, the results would be based on catcher in the rye themes, the history records of the user. To solve the problem of relevant, researchers bring forward many retrieval models, which are the fundament of ranking algorithm. A search engine uses ranking algorithms to yield the result list. And a good ranking algorithm could find most of the query relevant results.

However, most of ranking algorithms are based on the static feature of the text rather than language structure, which means the ranking algorithms would consider more about the number of myer words appearing than whether the word is catcher in the a noun or adjective. Some advanced algorithms consider the language structure as the second factor of ranking the webpages while the Social on Social most important is still appearing rate of words. The second core problem is evaluation problem. In 1960s, Cyril Cleverdon made the evaluation method (Cyril, 1970). He used two evaluation factors'precision and recall which are even popular now. Precision is a factor which matches intuition and it is the ratio of relevant document of all the searched documents.

Recall is the proportion of searched documents of the whole documents. And there is a hypothesis when recall is used: Given the query, all the relevant documents are available. It is obviously impossible for a large database. However, it would be useful when it comes to the smaller test collection. What is more, the clickthrough rate records the clicked documents during the in the process of ethical mobile phones search. It could be one of the catcher rye themes evaluation factors because the clickthrough rate with other log data is relevant with relevance. But in the project, clickthrough cannot be tested to evaluate the search engine. However, the Essays search engine company still uses relevance judgment as a supplement to determine the in the effectiveness of the results. The third core problem is how to pay attention to the users and barriers to communication and social care their needs. After all, the evaluation is in the user-centered, which means the free briggs users decide whether a search engine is good or not.

However, keyword queries are often poor descriptions of catcher actual information needs. For example, 'blue' might be a color or a feeling or a type of song. Therefore, lots of researches about interaction between users and the search engine have been done. Finally, query refinement techniques such as query expansion, query suggestion, relevance feedback refine the query and improve the ranking results. This section describes the software requirements which include software I have selected and the reason why I selected them, and then it explains the architectural design of my search engine. A. Software Requirements.

The search engine is developed using Eclipse running on a Windows 8 operating system. The comparison of several kinds of technique in platforms and application of platforms are shown respectively as Table 1 and myer briggs Table 2 (Jing, 2010: 25). As the project might run in cross-platform, considering speed, cost, and expansionism, I choose the JSP to be my development technology. And Eclipse is convenient to debug and rye themes run the java code, so I consider it as my programming software. And I use Tomcat (a web application server developed by ethical mobile the same company of JSP) to configure the web environment and publish my search engine webpage. B. System Architecture. According to in the, the basic procedure and free briggs the function of a simple search engine written above, I take the architecture shown as Figure 1, which is based on a similar figure that can be found in 'Development of Lucene + Nutch Search Engine' (Xuesong, 2008).

It is composed by 5 main modules which are crawling of webpage information, analysis of webpage content, foundation of webpage index, sorting of webpage search result, and tools and interfaces of webpage retrieval. The main modules could finish the whole webpage search engine with other information retrieval technology. Crawling of webpage information. The software or system which collects the webpage information is called a web crawler. Generally, a web crawler uses the hyperlink in the webpage to traversal of the whole Internet, which means the crawler could crawl from one HTML document to another HTML document by URL references. Suppose the Internet is a super large graph whose node is the webpage and directed edge is the hyperlink in in the the webpage. Barriers To Communication And Social. And then we could use the in the method of Cause Related Essays graph traversal to access the Internet (Gang and Zhendong, 2010: 11-12).

Generally, the Internet graph could be traversed by two methods which are breadth-first traversal and depth-first traversal respectively. However, if the the depth-first traversal is used, the crawler might fall in the much 'depth' of the graph (most of them would be spam or useless information) or go into the 'black hole' (The black hole is the hyperlink of the page points to itself, or the different URLs point to the same webpage) of the catcher in the Internet so that it could not get out to search other webpages. While we could not use the Social Workers: Influence of the Approach on Social Practice complete breadth-first traversal because the results would be affected by initial URL the user chooses to a large extent. As a result, two methods described above are not suitable in the project. Luckily, there is a third method to traverse the Internet which is called the in the preferential crawler (Bing, 2009: 201). The preferential crawler would allocate each webpage a value of importance at the first place. And then the method would be the same with breadth-first traversal except that the initial webpage would be the most important webpage, and the next webpage would be the and cleopatra second most important webpage, and so on. Now, the problem is catcher in the rye themes how much each webpage values. Actually, there are many factors affecting the antony and cleopatra plot importance of a webpage, such as popularity of hyperlink, the catcher importance of the hyperlink, average depth of hyperlink, quality of the website, and the weight of history etc. The popularity of hyperlink depends on the number and quality of backlinks which link to the current URL.

And we define it as IB(P). Ethical. The importance of hyperlink is a function of string of URL. For example, the in the URL with '.com' or 'home' would be more important than those with '.cc' or 'map'. And we call it as IL(P). Then, we could define the importance of webpage I(P) as following (Gang and Zhendong, 2010:22): In the function, a and Cause Related b are the catcher rye themes parameters which adjust the proportion of IB(P) and IL(P). And the average depth of link would be guaranteed by the breadth-first algorithm. Analysis of webpage content. Generally, the Social Influence of the Practice webpages or the documents which are crawled by the web crawler would be analyzed at the first place for catcher in the rye themes building the index later.

The analysis should filter the format information and Cause Related Marketing advertisement in the webpage to get the effective document content. Therefore, there are two tasks in the analysis process of webpage content: analyzing the basic information of webpage and recognizing the structure of catcher rye themes webpage content. The aim of the tasks is the same to extract effective data from the webpages and filter the spam in the Internet. Furthermore, the ethical mobile phones duplicated webpage should be deleted during analysis to avoid the rye themes same results appearing at the same time. In the index and the query of the to communication and social search engine, the unit is the basic morpheme item which could be got after analyzing the webpages or documents. And the analysis of documents usually includes extracting words, eliminating punctuation mark, convert between uppercase and lowercase letters, resuming word stem, eliminating conjunction and high frequency words.

What is more, the in the webpages are usually composed of HTML and JavaScript, containing large quantities of format information and accessories. The most important thing for analysis of webpage is to separate the text information with the format information to provide materials for indexing and ranking. Besides, some important items in the webpage should also be noticed during the analysis. For example, all the titles, link words, blackletter type, etc. Antony. The information would be marked during the analysis for higher the weight in the process of indexing and ranking. It would be difficult and time-consuming to finish all the items written above by checking the webpages character by character. In the project, I use the 'regular expression' to finish the in the process of analysis.

The 'regular expression' could extract the valid information from webpages by matching texts with the 'regular expression pattern'. The module of the reaction analysis part is shown as figure 2 (Xuesong, 2008:46). Natural Language Process. Actually, the 'regular expression' just eliminates the spam in catcher in the the webpages but not extract the important information. For example, in each book, the words like 'a', 'of' cannot be avoided, however, in most circumstances, these words are not the focus of the search engine users. As a result, these words could be neglected and not listed in the key words. The natural language process should also be used in the query of users.

If the user inputs a sentence as a query, the search engine would give worse results compared that break the sentence down to several key words when the natural language process is not used. So, it is very important to reaction acid, let the search engine understand the natural language. The first thing I dealt with is to set a list of stop words like 'of' and 'the'. These words are neither the focus of the users, nor cannot provide any information. The common of catcher these words is that they appear very frequently so that if consider them as key words, much memory would be wasted and more useless results would appear. The second I have done is to neglect the tense of the verbs and health and social the plural of the nouns. It could be done by extracting the 'stem' of the words so that the tense, the plural or other forms converting would be ignored. For example, the stem word of 'universal', 'universe', 'university', and 'universities' is 'univers'. As a result, conversion of most words could be found and would not affect the match between the queries and the key words in the index. Foundation of catcher in the rye themes webpage index. The webpages have to be indexed for the later use.

And a better designed index could increase searching speed and locate the webpage more preciously so as to decrease the cost. The function of index is to and cleopatra, analyze the in the rye themes search information, extract key words from the documents, and build the index table of documents. There are many index models in the field of search engine, such as inverted document index, vector space model, probability model and so on. Practice. And it is very important because the structure and effectiveness are the keys of web information index system. As a result, it is catcher required to be easy to free myer briggs, implement, maintain, retrieval information quickly, and need little space. Nowadays, most search engines use the inverted index to be the index model (Manish, 2011) because the structure is proper to response the key words retrieval quickly. Its structure considers the key words as index key words and access entrance of linked list. And the inverted index could determine the list of document directly through index keywords.

To get the performance of the search engine better, the inverted index is usually stored in the memory. And to reduce the pressure of the memory, the in the rye themes document is represented by a unique document code while all the documents and their codes would be stored in the database. The basic structure of inverted index is showed below as figure 3 (Xuesong, 2008: 67). In the figure 3, the key words are the results of 'analysis of Cause Related webpage content', and the documents in the inverted index are actually the code of documents. Each item in the structure of inverted index is an index item with relevant information generated by catcher in the the key words.

The advantage of inverted index is that it changes the organization of myer information to be convenient to retrieval information while other models have to search every document to find out whether the key words are included or not. Sort of results. There are a lot of webpages (web spams) which include most keywords but only the keywords. Absolutely, they are not the users' needs. To avoid the spams filling in the list of results and let the catcher in the rye themes users find what they want as soon as possible, it is very important to sort the results. During the Influence of the Ecological Approach on Social Practice sorting process, the importance of the webpage itself would take effect. And PAGERANK and HITS algorithms could calculate the importance of webpages based on the structure of the Web (Gang, 2011: 80).

A famous and popular way to sort the results is the PAGERANK algorithm. The results yielded by the search engine are generally sorted by catcher in the the importance of the barriers to communication health webpage itself which could be measured by the connection among webpages. The PAGERANK method suppose the Internet as a democracy environment, we could measure the importance of in the rye themes webpage by the link structure. Barriers Health. For example, when webpage A has a link to webpage B, the weight of webpage B would increase (Xuesong, 2008:235). There are two hypothesizes in catcher in the the PAGERANK algorithm (Junlin, 2012: 138). One of them is that if a page is linked many times, the webpage is very important. If a webpage is linked by another important webpage, the webpage is also important. In a word, the importance could be passed among webpages. The other hypothesis is that users access webpage randomly, browse the webpage with the hyperlinks, and never go back to browse the ethical previous webpage. As a result, the next webpage is more important than the previous one.

However, there is a serious problem in PAGERANK that the PAGERANK is not query dependent so that each webpage would have the same value of PAGERANK for all queries. What is more, spam pages could link to one webpage to promote the importance of the page. Besides, the third problem in catcher in the rye themes PAGERANK that only uses in-links to antony and cleopatra, a page and never uses out-links. To figure out the problems, we could use the in the HITS algorithm which defines the authority that many other pages point to the webpage and the hug that the page has outgoing links to many other pages. The basic idea is antony and cleopatra plot similar to PAGERANK that dig the useful information by links in in the the Internet.

And HITS algorithm considers authority and hug respectively that it evaluates hug based on the evaluation of authority. Antony Plot. Finally, a weight would be assigned to the webpage. The authority is relevant with the quality of content information so as to in the rye themes, attract many webpages to link while the hug is relevant with the quality of hyperlink page which is provided by the webpage. Myer Briggs. The higher authority webpages a webpage links, the higher its hug would be (Christopher, 2008). And the input of the HITS algorithm is known query relevant webpages, as a result, HITS algorithm usually supplies the catcher rye themes webpages which are relevant to the query which is unlike the PAGERANK algorithm.

It means that the number of webpages 'HITS' searched would be more than that of Related Marketing Essays 'PAGERANK'. However, there are some disadvantages in catcher the HITS algorithm. The first of all is that it is a query relevant algorithm which means it could not start calculating until the users input the query. The second problem is that tightly-knit community effect could happen, which means if the query-relevant webpages link to and cleopatra plot, other webpages which are not relevant and link to each other, the HITS algorithm would give them a high rank so that users might not get the query relevant information. The third is that the structure is not stable, which means if one webpage is deleted or the few links change, the sorting according to rye themes, the HITS algorithm would be great changed (Junlin, 2012: 144). Graphical User Interface. In the section of graphical user interface (GUI), based on the famous search engine company Google, the home page would be very simple and Cause Related convenient for users to search the rye themes information that he/she wants to. And my home page would be much more simply because the search engine could only search the webpage and and cleopatra plot text.

The current home page is shown as figure 4: The users could input the words or the sentence they want to search in the left text box while they could type the number of results per page (n) they want in the right text box. And a brief introduction has been given for the users to use the search engine more easily. The next webpage would show the previous n results of all the results. In The Rye Themes. And at the same time the page would tell the user how many results in total, the titles of searched webpages, the contents which include the words that the user searches, the websites of searched webpages, the time when the webpage is crawled which is helpful for the update of the database of the whole search engine, and which page current webpage is. Users could also click the button to free myer, select the first page, the previous page, the next page and the last page. What is more, users could decide which method to rank the results (HITS or PAGERANK). Catcher In The Rye Themes. Suppose a user wants to search the 'robot' information and let the search engine return 3 results per page. They input the word 'robot' in the lefe and '3' in the right, and then press the button 'search'. Myer. The next page would be as figure 5:

We could find out from the picture above that there are six results in total and it shows the first five webpages that include the word 'robot', which is highlighted in the current page. And at in the, the top of the page, users could choose using the plot 'PAGERANK' or 'HITS' to rank the pages. At the bottom of the page, users could see other results in the next page by clicking 'Next'. The pattern of catcher in the next page is almost the same as the one above. And when users click 'PAGERANK' or 'HITS', the different results and ranking methods would be shown. What is worth noticing is the essential difference between 'PAGERANK' and 'HITS'. In the instruction of the Marketing Essays report, three core problems have been brought forward. And a part of the first problem and the third problem could be solved by 'analysis of webpage content' and 'natural language process'. And the main aim of the reporting facility is to provide the information of 'user-relevant' so as to solve the other part of the first problem.

The reporting facility is responsible to record every query the user has done. When the new query is catcher input, the search engine would find the similar information of the old queries, and the results would have the characteristic of the user. Workers: Approach On Social. The other aim of reporting facility is to let the user know what other users are searching. When the user inputs the query, the query would be stored in the database. And at the same time, the old queries could be loaded from the database to compare the new query to find the similar information.

The database would store the key words, the times that the catcher in the key words has been searched, and the last time when the free briggs key word is searched. What is in the more, if any user wants to see what he/she has searched before, the queries could have been visualized in the graphical user interface. According to the deliveries and typical criterion of search engine, some experiments have been done to evaluate the search engine I have made. And the test case would be the Social Workers: Influence of the Ecological webpages of 'Durham University' which means that the webpages the crawler crawls start with ''. The criterion and the results of the experiments would be shown. Finally, the solutions to the problems in the part of 'problem domain' and catcher in the the benefits and deflects of the search engine would be demonstrated. Criterion of Evaluating the Search Engine.

In 1973, Lancaster and Fayen listed 6 factors to and cleopatra, evaluate the search engines, coverage, recall ratio, precision ratio, response time, user effort, and format output (Lancaster and Fayen, 1973). Although the index has been brought forward over 40 years ago, and the target is the traditional online information retrieval system. However, in terms of the essence of information retrieval system, the evaluation factors are still useful even nowadays. Later, after Heting Chu and Marilyn Rosenthal analyze and compare three famous search engines (Alta Vista, Excite, and Lycos), they come up with five aspects to evaluate the search engines, respectively indexing, search power, search effect, output, and users' burden (Chu and Rosenthal, 1996). With the development of the rye themes research, the user experience is paid more and more attention. Belkin considers the essential issue in the information retrieval system is anomalous state of knowledge (ASK) (Belkin, 1993), which is an important part of the information retrieval model.

Bell considers the antony and cleopatra plot complexity of the web based on catcher rye themes, the former research, and focus on the user experience when evaluating the search engine (Bell, 1998). Considering the standard criterion above and the concrete condition of the free current mainstream search engines, I think the following criterion is reasonable to catcher rye themes, evaluate the search engine in general. Capability of the Search Engine. The factor includes the capacity and coverage of the database of the search engine, the content and Cause Essays the depth of indexing, and the novel rate of the in the rye themes database. Barriers To Communication Care. The first one would affect the 'recall' factor directly according to the statistics, which shows that the more webpages the database has, the in the more results might be searched.

Usually, the index database is composed of URL, name of document, content, titles, sub-titles and so on. The content of the combination would affect the precision of the search engines directly. In the meanwhile, the reaction with hydrochloric organization of the webpages is a multilayered hypertext structure, and the depth of indexing means which layer the search engines index. For example, some search engines only index the catcher rye themes home page (the first layer) while some others index deeper layer. The other meaning of the depth is whether the search index all the free briggs webpage or just some content. For example, some search engines only index the name or the title of the HTML document while others index the whole content of the catcher in the webpages. Generally, the more content a search engine indexes, the better the Cause Related Marketing Essays indexing effect is and the more resources would be occupied.

The novel rate includes two aspects, uniqueness and update frequency. Uniqueness of a search engine is the catcher rye themes ratio of the with hydrochloric unique results which other search engines do not contain in all the results the search engine returns. And nowadays, the update frequency is very important because the information in catcher the web varies largely in a second and is unpredictable. As a result, the search engine has to promise the ''' of the mobile phones information and avoid the 'dead hyperlinks'. When it comes to my search engine, the rye themes test case is the webpages of 'Durham University', the capacity of the database is limited. However, the briggs content and the depth of catcher in the rye themes indexing would be very comprehensive, which means that the database would save all the contents of each webpage. But, the database would never be updated because it is not an on-line version now. The aim of the magnesium reaction acid test is to catcher, evaluate the performance but not the capability. The factor includes construction of indexing expression and free the indexing function. In 1998, Rousseau et al. found that one of the difficulties is how to bring forward keywords and use the different command indicators when using the on-line library (Fang and Salvendy, 2000). In fact, the search engine has the same problem with the on-line library.

And for the most search engines, the queries the users input are the most important factor for the results. However, the queries would be different even if when the different users search the same target. In The Rye Themes. To solve the problem, some search engines (such as AskJeeves) would provide some other relevant keywords to give the users more choices to get more and better results. And some user-friendly search engine supply the toolbar and dropdown menu to of the Practice, help the users come up with more detailed query so as to get more satisfied results. The number and effects of indexing functions provided by the search engines would affect the indexing results seriously. And many indexing technologies used in the traditional on-line indexing system are developed to be the important technologies in the search engine field, such as Boolean index, truncation index, position index, and limited index. Catcher In The. In the meanwhile, the graphic user interface has been separated as the normal index interface and advanced index interface according to the needs of the users. And almost all the search engines do not differentiate the lowercase and uppercase of the words and consider the list of stop words. In my search engine, I take the simpleness as the most important factor in the graphic user interface.

As a result, there is no toolbar and dropdown menu existing. However, it has its own stop words list and do not differentiate the lowercase and Social Workers: Influence Approach Practice uppercase of the words. Catcher. Furthermore, it supports the Boolean query to help users get more satisfied results. This factor is very important to evaluate the search engine I have made because the Essays search engine could be quantized to compare with other search engines. The search engine has to deal with more information, which is the significant different from catcher rye themes, on-line indexing system. If the indexing algorithms were not improved, it would take lots of antony and cleopatra plot time to deal with a simple search. And most of the users would not wait for the search engine when they use it to search the catcher information. There are no standard test cases to test the average response time of the with hydrochloric search engines. And it is not fair to compare my search engine with the famous search engine like Google because the scale of the database is not comparative.

As a result, I would give some words randomly and give a simple list of response time of the rye themes words. Social Workers: Influence Of The Ecological On Social. The experiments have been tested when the number of webpages is 998 and in the rye themes the number of the keywords is 185451. The detail information would be listed as table 1. From the table 1, we could see that the process of searching would take too much time for the user. There are two main reasons slowing down the speed of the search engine.

The first one is that the graphic user interface requires the part of content which include the keywords returns. If we just revise it to return just the title or just one sentence, the time would be reduced to less than 1 second. The second one affecting time is the query in the database. For supporting the fuzzy query, the antony and cleopatra query 'like' has to be used, however, it takes too much time. If the fuzzy query is not a necessary, the time accessing the database would decrease significantly.

Recall and Precision. These two factors are very important in the past when the information is limited. However, nowadays, the users pay more attention to whether the catcher in the hyperlinks of the information they want appear in the first several pages. Phones. The following table shows the relationship between the retrieved webpages and relevance (C.J., 2010). The calculation of recall and precision is catcher as follows:

In the plot function, |.| means the number of '.'. As the equation shows, the measure of these two factors in the search engine would not be easy, especially for catcher the recall because it is even harder to get the number of 'A'. What is more, in myer my search engine, we could suggest that in the PAGERANK method, there is in the no non-relevant retrieved webpage existing because the hydrochloric acid Boolean match has been used. In a word, the value of these factors would be very high in my search engine but it is catcher in the useless to antony and cleopatra plot, compare with other search engines by these two factors. The format and content of output.

The outputs of the results are different among search engines, however, there are almost three parts: title, summary, and URL in all the search engines, what is more, the keywords are highlighted in some search engines. Catcher In The. What is more, some search engines add introduction, type, webpage size, date, hyperlinks to detail the results. Furthermore, the search engine would show that how long it would take and with hydrochloric acid how many results it returns. If the number of the results would be large, the catcher keyword is not useful for searching while the number is small demonstrates that the keyword is too special. In the graphic user interface of my search engine, it would return all the basic parts above and the keywords are highlighted. What is more, it would return time and the number of results. In the part, three more functions are included, post-processing, assistance process, and phones information filter. The post-processing allows the users to type more keywords to search the information in the former results.

During the process of assistance, search engines usually provide the preview function or cached snapshot function. The information filtering include two aspects, one is that the search engine would filter some unhealthy information for the immaturity while the other aspect is to return different results to different users according to the users' history records. In my search engine, there are no functions such as 'search in the result', preview, and information filtering. However, the reporting facility would save the in the users' queries so as to analyze it later. Comparison between the PAGERANK and HITS. According to the principle of the PAGERANK and HITS algorithm, it seems that they are similar which are based on the hyperlinks and use the eigenvector. However, the differences between the Cause Marketing algorithms are obvious according to the principles and experiments. The first one is that HITS algorithm is in the query-dependent because the authority of the HITS is the weight of the indexing theme.

However, PAGERANK is a query-independent algorithm because it is independent with the Social Influence Ecological Approach indexing theme. The PAGERANK algorithm is based on the 'reference analysis', addition with the quality of the Internet. It not only catcher considers the number of the in-linked webpages, but also regards the importance of the in-linked webpages. The second one is that HITS algorithm gets the reaction with initial processing data based on the text search engine, and catcher the importance of the webpages passes from the hub page to the authority page. What is more, in the HITS algorithm, the Related Essays hub and the authority improve each other. While the PAGERANK algorithm is based on the random surfer model, which means that the catcher rye themes importance of the Cause Related Marketing Essays webpages transfers among the authority webpages. The third one is that the response time of the HITS algorithm is more than that of the PAGERANK algorithm. Although the HITS algorithm analyzes the fewer webpages, however, it has to extract the in the initial results set from the search engine and expand to free briggs, the basic results set, which would take lots of time. While superficially the PAGERANK algorithm deals with more webpages, but the in the rye themes processing runs in advance, as a result, the response time seems less. This section contains evaluations on the work carried out and social, during the course. The first sub-section focuses on evaluating the solutions selected and the second sub-section assesses the implementation and evaluation of the resulting systems.

Evaluation of Solutions. The final aim of the project is to build a search engine and compare the ranking algorithm PAGERANK and HITS. Rye Themes. To realize the antony and cleopatra aim, the deliverables have been shown in catcher rye themes the introduction part. To Communication Health And Social Care. The following part is to evaluate each part in the deliverables. The first one in the minimum objectives is to design a web crawler. The detail has been introduced and it actually works. Catcher In The. However, there are some problems in the crawler part. Social Workers: Of The Ecological On Social. The biggest problem is that the crawler crawls the webpages so fast that sometimes it would be misunderstood as a malware. For example, when the catcher in the rye themes crawler crawls the test case which is exactly the webpage in the Durham University, the firewall of the university is always triggered and stop the crawler continue crawling. The second problem is that the crawler part takes too much time because it has to run on line.

Each time the crawler saves a document, it would save the hyperlinks in the document in free myer a array. However, not all the hyperlinks could be connected, as a result, the code has to in the, get the HTTP code from the reaction hydrochloric acid Internet, which would take time. Only when the in the HTTP code is 200, the hyperlink could be connected, otherwise, the hyperlink could not be access. Another time-consuming part is to remove the duplicated URLs from the myer briggs array when the scale of array is large. As a result, it is very easy to solve the problem actually. As long as let the crawler wait for 1 or 2 seconds, the firewall would not be triggered, however, the crawler part would take more time because of the second problem.

The second in the minimum objectives is to build and maintain an index. Here I choose the inverted index as the index model because it has been widely used in many famous search engines, even the biggest open source search engine Lucene has been using the catcher in the inverted index. And the benefits of the inverted index are obvious and have been introduced in the solution part. The third in the minimum objectives and the second in briggs the intermediate objectives is to design a graphic user interface. The principle of the GUI part is simple and convenient to use, which just include two input boxes which user could input the query and in the rye themes the number of results per page respectively, a very simple instruction guiding users to use the search engine, and several keys for users to choose the ranking algorithm they like. If I have more time, there are lots of free briggs things to do. Catcher In The. For example, the function of 'search in the results' and cached snapshoot could be added to satisfy the users. The Boolean operators like '+','-' ,'|' could be used in the query to get more accurate information the user wants. Barriers To Communication Health. More Boolean operators could be added if the more time is given. The last one in the minimum objectives, the third one in the intermediate objectives and the first one in the advanced objectives are to implement ranking algorithms, and the basic ranking algorithm I choose is in the a simple one, the Boolean model added fuzzy search to return the relevant webpages.

The method promises that the returned results are definitely relevant to the query, which means that the precision of the search engine would be 100 percent. However, some other models have not been tested and barriers health care cannot be compared each other. The PAGERANK algorithm and HITS algorithm I implement is the catcher in the most original one, which could compare and analyze the results more easily. However, the effect of the original algorithms might not be good so that it would definitely affect the evaluation of the search engine. The last one in the intermediate objectives and the last one in the advanced objectives are to build and visualize a reporting facility which stores the users' query for statistical analysis. The part works but it is not a former work of providing the users their unique results even if they search the same word. In the end, although all the given objectives were completed, the improvements could still be done to make the search engine better and to Related Marketing, make the test data more convinced. Evaluation of Implementation. According to the 'Results' part, the search engine has been evaluated. However, there are still some problems need to be solved.

First of all, the test case is not good. And because of the catcher dynamics of the Internet, many webpages could not be accessed after it has been crawled. Furthermore, the disadvantage of the crawler leads to the limited scale of the test case. As a result, it seems that the Cause Marketing Essays capability of the in the search engine is not good. But it is not true, if more time could be given, the detail in the crawling algorithm would be improved and the scale of the test case would be larger, the and cleopatra plot speed would rise significantly. The second worth noticing is that the indexing method, the Boolean query could work and the quality of the in the rye themes returned results is high. However, the toolbar and dropdown menu would be added if I have more time. In the third part, we could see that the response time is a little intolerable, the reasons of which have been analyzed and the quantities of free briggs experiments could prove that reading and analyzing the catcher sentence which include the key words from raw file which downloads from the webpages directly take too much time. If just one sentence or just title is returned, the time would be reduced significantly.

And it seems that the recall and precision are not good factors to evaluate my search engine. However, there are no more famous factors to evaluate the search engine as the problem domain in the 'Related Work' says. The format and content in ethical my search engine keep the same form with other famous search engines such as Google. The last part of evaluation in my search engine could not be measured because it is more like a expansion and future work of the rye themes project. In a word, the experiments could prove that the search engine could work and be able to compare the PAGERANK and HITS algorithms clearly, which realize the basic purpose of the project. But there are lots of details that could be improved. The purpose of the project is to build a search engine and compare the PAGERANK and HITS ranking algorithms. The work has been separated to several sub-modules and each part has been done as deliverables, crawler, index, and graphic user interface. Care. During the process of building the search engine, some key techniques have been breakthrough and in the three key problems have been tried to be solved.

The crawler takes the preferential traversal to access the whole Internet. The benefit is ethical mobile that it not only avoids the black hole in the Internet, but also allows the catcher in the rye themes most important webpages to free, be crawled at first. And then the documents the crawler has crawled have to be dealt with for the indexing using. The content of the webpages always contains the useless format information and advertisements. As a result, the keywords in the content have to be extracted and catcher in the rye themes the spam in the Internet is also filtered. The aim of the part includes extracting words, eliminating punctuation mark, convert between uppercase and lowercase letters, resuming word stem, eliminating conjunction and high frequency words. What is more, the dictionary of stop words is built to mobile, extract the useful key words from the content and the stems of the words are used to neglect the tense of the verbs and the plural of the nouns. In the index part, the inverted index is used rather than the normal index which would increase the searching speed significantly.

And the ranking algorithms I have implemented include the basic Boolean algorithm, PAGERANK algorithm, and HITS algorithm. The graphic user interface is designed to be simple and convenient to be used by the users. And the reporting facility saves all the in the rye themes queries of the users for the statistics use and would finally be used in Social Workers: Influence Ecological on Social Practice the future. In the problem domain in the part of 'Related Work', three issues have been brought forward. The first one is how to define relevance, in my search engine, the techniques of the Boolean match, stems of the rye themes words, and natural language processing are used to solve the problem effectively. Ethical Phones. The second issue is how to evaluate the search engine. In the part of catcher in the 'Results', the whole system of evaluation has been given, although it is not appropriate for evaluating my search engine, however, it is health and social care quite a good system for evaluating the common search engine because it covers almost every aspect of the search engine. The last issue is how to satisfy the users. Catcher In The Rye Themes. In my search engine, the former work has been done by the reporting facility. However, the problem has not been solved in the project.

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